Decompression error Abort appears when GHOST reinstalls the system for how to do the real solution[Win11 Solutions]

13 2021-08-20 23:40

  Some netizens are using the universal pe toolbox to install the win7 system. When using the one-key hp 20 c34 recovery hard drive replacement smart installation under the pe system, the "Decompression error, Abort" appears every time it hp 290 a0030 recovery usb factory replace restores to 40 or 50%.?"Error, click "YES" or "NO" can not install the system.Have tried repartitioning hp bang and olufsen laptop recovery usb but still to no avail.

  If this problem occurs when using a USB boot disk to quickly install the hp bio recovery usb program not creating machine with one key, it is usually a mirroring problem.

  The editor translated "Decompression error, hp bios update and recovery usb maker Abort?"This sentence means a decompression error, aborted.

  Seeing this in Chinese, it should be hp cloud recovery no usb devices connected the cause of the mirroring problem.So the editor suggested that this netizen try another mirror file, hp create recovery media external hard drive and recommended him to go to "MSDN" to download the original mirror file installation system, and hp create usb recovery from another pc there was no problem.

  However, in addition to the damage of the gho mirror, there are two other hp f018dx bios recovery usb flash drive possible causes of this error: 1. Bad sectors on the hard disk 2. Memory problems

  Here is an example hp hard drive failure recoving windows 10 of a memory problem:

  Let's analyze the cause of this "Decompression error abort" problem and hp laptop 14t windows usb boot recovery translate it into Chinese meaning: decompression error abort.The meaning is obvious, this compressed file hp laptop recovery usb windows 10 2019 is wrong.That is, there is a problem with the image file.But the netizen also said that this image hp laptop remove recovery hard drive dat a file has been used on other computers many times before and there is no such problem.There was a hp laptop won't boot with usb recovery problem with this computer.Netizens asked if there might be a problem with the hardware?

  So the editor hp mini 210 2000 recovery usb download did not let the netizen directly change the image file, but used the method of elimination to hp mini bios crisis recovery usb download detect the computer's hardware. This includes the detection of the computer's hard disk bad sectors, hp notebook recovery usb for 14 af112nr computer line connections, and memory problems.The problem of "Decompression error abort" does not hp notebook recovery usb for 14 af112rn appear when the memory is replaced with a new one.When the broken memory stick is plugged into another hp omen all in one recovery usb computer, which computer will restart with a blue screen.It can be seen that the quality of memory hp order recovery media cd dvd usb also affects the problem of "Decompression error abort".

  If you encounter this kind of error reporting hp phoenix bios recovery usb flash drive problem, if you can't solve the problem by changing the mirror, you can try to troubleshoot the hp phoenix bios recovery usb not working above situation. The editor lists the above link for the detection of bad sectors on the hard disk.The hp recovery boot from usb windows 10 troubleshooting method for memory problems is to take out the memory stick and wipe the golden hp recovery disc on new hard drive fingers.