Xiaobian teaches you if the laptop cannot be turned on[Win11 Solutions]

13 2021-08-20 23:10

  What to do when we encounter the laptop can't turn on?There are many reasons why the laptop can't windows 10 recovery usb recover windows 10 be turned on. It may be that the simplest power supply is not turned on and it can't be turned on, windows 10 recovery usb repair your computer or it may be that the hardware is damaged. Analysis to find the reason.

  What to do if the laptop windows 10 recovery usb stuck on logo can't be turned on

  1. Power supply problem

  First, troubleshoot the power supply problem of the windows 10 recovery usb surface pro 3 laptop, first confirm whether the power adapter of the laptop is normal and whether it can supply power windows 10 recovery usb surface pro 4 to the laptop, and then connect the laptop to the power adapter to power on, and see if the laptop windows 10 recovery usb trackid sp 006 battery does not have electricity and the computer can't be turned on.

  Two, hardware problems

  After windows 10 recovery usb used other computers troubleshooting the power supply problem, confirm whether the indicator light on the laptop is windows 10 recovery usb using windows 7 on when it is turned on. If the indicator light does not light up, or the laptop sounds an alarm when windows 10 recovery usb vs system image it is turned on, it is certain that there is a hardware problem on the laptop, and it is recommended windows 10 recovery usb will reinstall windows to directly Take it to a computer repair shop for repair.

  Three, the screen is black

  The power windows 10 recovery usb with safe mode indicator lights up normally, but the black screen does not light up. If possible, you can connect windows 10 recovery usb without losing dat a another screen to see if the output of the graphics card is normal. If the external screen can display windows 10 recovery usb without media creator normally, it means that there is a problem with the laptop screen or cable. If the external screen windows 10 recovery usb without system files does not receive the signal, it may be a problem with the graphics card or other hardware.

  Four, windows 10 recovery usb without windows 10 system problems

  The black screen caused by system problems, the cursor will flash in the upper windows 10 recovery usb won t boot left corner of the laptop screen, even if there is no cursor, the screen will be brighter than when it windows 10 recovery when usb drive attched is not powered on.In this case, you can try to make a USB boot disk to reinstall the system.If there windows 10 recovery won t recognize usb is a blue screen problem, you can also use the same method to solve it.

  The above is the method windows 10 reinstall recovery repair usb amazon for troubleshooting when the laptop can't be turned on. I hope it will help you all.