Detailed steps to install nonGHOST Win11 system from external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

11 2021-08-20 22:30

  Detailed steps to install non-GHOST XP system from external hard drive

  As the most frequently recover data from sata laptop hard drive used electronic device, computers will inevitably have some failures during use. At this time, some recover data from sd card using usb users will use the GHOST recovery method to reinstall the system to repair the computer failures.But recover data from seagate central hard drive what I want to tell you today is another way, using a external drive to install a non-GHOST XP system. recover data from seagate external hard disk Let's take a look at the specific operations.

  external hard drive boot disk production:

  1. recover data from seagate external hard drive external hard drive formatting: It is recommended to use a external hard drive with a capacity of 1G recover data from solid state hard drive or more (because you need to copy the system and the external hard drive to start the software, so recover data from sophos encrypted hard drive there must be enough space), first use Flashboot to format the external hard drive into USB-HDD or recover data from symantec encrypted hard drive USB-ZIP. One of the two modes, here is the USB-ZIP mode.

  2. external hard drive version of winpe: I recover data from toshiba laptop hard drive think of the pain of installing XP under DOS, so I plan to use the external hard drive version of recover data from unallocated external hard drive WinPE to start the XP system installation. Later, the test is indeed feasible.What I downloaded from recover data from undetectable external hard drive the Internet is the winpe external hard drive version, which has various common tools besides WinPE. recover data from undetected external hard disk After decompression, copy all the files into the formatted external hard drive. USB home

  Windows recover data from undetected internal hard drive XP system installation:

  1. Set the external drive to boot: press F2 to enter the BIOS setup after recover data from unformatted external hard drive booting, and turn on the third USB boot option in the Boot menu, that is, select Enabled, save and recover data from uninitialized external hard disk exit the BIOS setup. external hard drive Home

  2. Copy all the XP installation disks prepared before recover data from unmountable usb drive mac into the external drive, then insert the external drive and boot, you will directly enter the external recover data from unmounted hard drive mac drive to boot, and the boot menu appears. After choosing to start the micro WIN-PE, you will enter recover data from unreadable external hard drive the WinPE system.Copy the XP installation disk from the external hard drive into the partition recover data from unreadable hard drive mac outside the C area of the notebook, copy it in the D area here, and then directly run the SETUP of the recover data from unreadable usb flash drive installation disk folder.EXE file, the familiar XP installation interface appears, just follow the recover data from unrecognized external hard drive prompts to complete it step by step.

  Some users like to use the GHOST installation disk on the recover data from unrecognized internal hard drive Internet to install the system, and find it fast and convenient, while some users like to install normally recover data from usb drive not detected step by step and choose a non-GHOST system installation, which feels that it is more stable.Regardless recover data from usb drive not recognized of the method, users feel that their own is the best way at the most time. external hard drive recover data from usb drive windows 10 Home

  The detailed steps of installing non-GHOST XP system with external hard drive: