Data export method of TF memory card to prevent copying[Win11 Solutions]

14 2021-08-20 22:10

  If you find that the cumming capacity of a tf memory is used up, but you can't see the folder when how to recover tesla dash cam usb you open it, and you can't find what the file is, then it may be a memory card that prevents copying, how to recover toshiba external hard drive which is generally used in old MP3 players. , What should I do if I want to copy it?Let's teach how to recover toshiba laptop hard drive you:

  As shown in the picture above, the G disk is the memory card that has occupied the space, but how to recover unallocated disk on external there are some empty folders inside, which only occupy 10KB, so where are the real files.

  1. Start how to recover unallocated external hard drive running, cmd input

  G:>attrib /d /s -s -h -a -r

  The echo is as follows

  ======================= how to recover unallocated hard drive cmd ========

  G:>attrib /d /s -s -h -a -r

  Symbolic link G:'s goal

  Symbolic how to recover unallocated hard drive space link G: Winmend~Folder~Hidden. The goal does not exist

  Symbolic link G: Winmend~Folder~Hidden. how to recover unallocated partition on usb Target does not exist

  This method won't work?

  2. Then try using the ultraiso software:

  You can how to recover undetected external hard disk see the local directory, open the G drive, there is a winmendXXX folder, this folder is suspicious, how to recover usb after chromebook utility it should be an illegal file name in windows so it can't be seen on the computer.

  We double-click how to recover usb bootable windows 10 to open it, and sure enough, the original file data is inside.

  Then the export method is: pull to how to recover usb data through cmd the production image file directory, make the iso file, unzip the iso after completion, and copy the how to recover usb data without formatting export file.

  In addition, the diskgenius software can be used to copy these hidden files more easily, how to recover usb drive data free so the prevention of copying is solved so easily.