The external hard drive prompts to format RAW and for how to recover data if you dare not format it if you have important data [Win11 Solutions]

16 2021-08-20 21:50

  I'm busy lately, and I often work overtime at night.Yesterday, as usual, save the unfinished work recover documents from external hard drive to the external drive and take it home to work overtime.But something unexpected happened. When the recover draft folder external hard drive external drive was plugged into the computer, the external drive prompts that it is not formatted recover drive fatal hard drive error (there is a picture and the truth is), so I panicked at that time. What should I do.In addition to the recover emails from external drive mac unfinished work, there are a lot of important data in the external hard drive, and most of them have recover emails from old hard drive not come to backup in a hurry.!

  Fortunately, one of my classmates is a computer science student, recover erased external hard drive files so he asked him for help, and then I solved the problem in his own way.

  My classmate first let me recover erased external hard drive mac read this article "external hard drive appears unformatted, do you want to format it.How to recover recover erased files external hard drive data after the grid?》, have a general understanding of how to recover data when prompted to format recover erased files from external drive external hard drive, mobile hard disk, and computer partition.

  The external drive prompts formatting recover erased files from hard drive to cause data loss. There are many reasons. The most common one is that the file system is not recover erased files from usb drive recognized by the operating system.If you want the data in the external hard drive, do not format the recover erased files from usb stick external hard drive first, because after formatting, the formatting program will re-establish a new recover erased files on hard drive file system will destroy the data and affect the data recovery effect.My classmate recommends me to recover erased photos from hard drive use the data recovery to recover the data of the external hard drive:

  Data Recovery main interface

  Data recover esxi vmdk from hard drive Recovery is a very popular data recovery software with leading technology, powerful functions recover excel program from hard drive and easy to use.Even if the user does not know too much computer expertise, as long as the basic recover external hard drive 0 bytes computer operation can complete the data recovery work well, become a data recovery expert in a few recover external hard drive after format minutes!

  The external drive prompts formatting, the format becomes "RAW", the directory structure recover external hard drive corrupted files is damaged, etc., you can use the "Recover Files in Partition" function of the Data Recovery to retrieve recover external hard drive data online the data. According to the software , the data will be recovered with a few mouse clicks. NS.After recover external hard drive data software the data recovery scans the external drive, you can see the data in the external drive. Pictures, recover external hard drive deleted files documents, videos, and audios can all be previewed, and then copy the files that need to be recover external hard drive files free restored.!Thanks to the data recovery , I restored all the files in my external drive!

  However, my classmate recover external hard drive files wd reminded that if the external hard drive is physically damaged, the software will not work. At recover external hard drive no boot that time, you have to find a professional data recovery company to recover the data.