The Android phone is broken and teach you for how to restore the photo and video data inside[Win11 Solutions]

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  This is Xiaoqi's mobile phone data recovery tutorial. It is very professional and effective, and free windows 10 recovery usb download has educational significance. It is mainly used to recover the data in any Android phone, and it is free windows 10 recovery usb file very advanced and absolutely usable. In addition to the professional of recovering data, its warning free windows 7 password recovery usb The sex is, don't leave the phone, or if it's broken, don't throw it away. Otherwise, just like the free windows 7 recovery disk usb following, why can't you throw the broken phone around? Let's follow the camera lens of the original free windows 8 1 recovery usb poster and look down together~

  First, we came to the scene of the crime. This is a broken phone free windows 8 password recovery usb that Xiaoqi found on the roadside. How broken is it.First of all, the case is gone. Not only the case free windows hard drive recovery tool is gone, but the screen is gone, or the battery is gone, even the back cover is gone.?Well, this is free windows password recovery software usb a broken mobile phone circuit board that can't be turned on, only one motherboard is left, and the free windows password recovery tool usb motherboard has been repaired by others.

  What can this broken circuit board do.The front side can' free windows password recovery using usb t do anything, so we turned to the back of the circuit board. As a happy lower-level computer programmer, free windows system recovery bootable usb I saw at a glance that this chip is the eMMC flash memory produced by Samsung, the most powerful free windows vista password recovery usb stick country in the universe. Chip, we checked the model and found that the chip was 16GB of free windows vista recovery usb download memory, that is to say, this mobile phone was a mobile phone with a built-in 16GB memory space before free windows xp password recovery usb it was alive. Some mobile phones are alive, but they are dead, and some are dead It's still alive. freenas recover key from usb drive It's about this mobile phone motherboard. Okay, let Xiaoqi come to save it.

  First of all, this black freeware data recovery corrupted hard drive tuo tuo is an eMMC chip from Samsung, the model is KLMAG2GE4A-A001, it has 16GB of internal memory freeware for data recovery from usb space, and belongs to eMMC 4.41, 169-ball BGA package

  Next, we need to use a hot air gun (as the freeware partition recovery for usb stick name suggests, a gun that emits very hot wind) to remove the chip. The air gun is 350 degrees, and the freeware recover data damaged hard drive wind speed is 3. The chip will be removed in a while, and now we buy one get two free. First of freeware recover files from hard drive all, you can see the volatile smoke of the soldering flux on the circuit board, and then you can smell freeware to recover formatted hard drive the sour and refreshing scent of the circuit board after heating~ Braised beef noodles, that is the freeware windows 8 password recovery usb smell~

  Someone asked how to remove the chip if there is no heat gun?It's actually very simple. freeze external hard drive data recovery Turn on your gas stove, clamp the circuit board with pliers, then turn the FLASH chip side up, turn on freezing external hard drive data recovery the gas stove, and place the circuit board 5-8 cm above the flame to bake while baking. While shaking, galaxy s4 system recovery usb debug the chip can be removed when the temperature is enough.Of course, the smell is not very good.Pay gateway recovery disk new hard drive attention to ventilation, although I do not recommend this, it is recommended to borrow a heat gun. gateway windows 10 recovery media usb

  Because the chip's pad is very small, it is necessary to use a very thin, very thin, very thin, gateway windows 10 recovery usb download very thin, and very thin wire for soldering. Here, a copper wire in the headphone cable is used.

  The gateway windows 8 recovery usb download eMMC chip is simply a flash memory chip integrated with the controller. To put it simply, it can geek squad external hard drive recovery be used through a card reader, similar to a memory card. At this time, you need to connect the geek squad hard drive data recovery corresponding pins on the chip to the card reader. On the device, below is the pin diagram of the chip, we geek squad hard drive recovery cost need to connect DAT0, DAT1, DAT2, DAT3, CLK, CMD, VCC, GND to the corresponding pins of the card geek squad hard drive recovery review reader.

  The pin is too small. It took me a long time to solder it and I was so exhausted. Our hardware geek squad laptop hard drive recovery siege lion is also a surgeon on the circuit board.!

  This is a very distinctive card reader, you geek squad old hard drive recovery can buy it everywhere, and I get it with my card.

  This is the pin definition diagram of TF memory geek squad recover data usb drive card

  Remove the card holder of the card reader, and then connect the wire from the chip to the pad generic usb flash drive repair software of the card reader according to the pins of the memory card

  After connecting the cable, fix the genie hard drive failure recover recordings chip with a hot melt gun to prevent it from shaking.

  Finding a transparent shell, it seems to know genie timeline disaster recovery usb flash that it is built with the most cutting-edge technology of the 21st century, and it is not even a genie timeline disaster recovery usb size three-no external hard drive that can be counted as a copycat.

  Plug the card reader into the computer, get documents off recovered hard drive the computer can recognize it, indicating that the chip wiring is not wrong, you can see a total get n4010 system recovery usb key of 9 partitions, of which the first 8 are Android partitions, used to store Android system data, get windows recovery disk on usb virtual memory partitions, etc. , After a total of 11.The 26GB is the user partition, which is the place get windows recovery off a harddrive for you to store the data. Now, we have to do a shocking thing, that is, to this 11.26GB partition getting your hard drive recovered dc for data recovery

  Come and come, the show has started, it's the data recovery software Recover gilisoft usb lock forgot password recovery MyFiles First of all, I'm not a privacy voyeur. I'm just doing this to tell everyone that gmail external email recover from trash bad phones can't be littered. It's a matter of social welfare nature. It deserves everyone's applause, google crhombook usb recovery not working not to peek inside. Photos, although I have seen.

  Of course, some data was damaged, but through grand rapids computer hard drive recovery data analysis of this damaged photo, we can also know that this phone is a Sony Ericsson LT22i. This grc hard drive recovery security now damaged photo was taken on February 5, 2014, 12:20. Minute 52 seconds

  Of course, what she met was grub wont recognize windows recovery usb a kind-hearted, justice-in-one, happy lower-level computer programmer + cute and stupid hardware gta v ps3 usb menu recovery siege lion + extraordinary tuning consultant me, so I not only did not do bad things, but also helped hana recover database from external backup her. All the remaining data is destroyed. As compensation, this chip belongs to me. I delete all the hard disk and flash drive recovery partitions and use it as a external drive.

  The speed is not bad, writing can reach 17.3MB/S, but hard disk drive data recovery charges Samsung's official data is that the maximum write is 35MB/S and the read is 80MB/S

  Data recovery hard disk drive data recovery cost conclusion:

  This bad circuit board is the LT22i phone from Sony Ericsson

  The owner of this phone hard disk drive data recovery equipment is a cute girl who is studying at Guilin XXX College and is in the class of 2010.

  This cute girl hard disk drive data recovery fat may already be working now, maybe she or her company is in XXX

  Dangdang, did you get a cold sweat hard disk drive data recovery melbourne after reading it.This time only the data of part of the photo type is restored. If all the data is hard disk drive data recovery services restored and analyzed, it is estimated that even your QQ friends, the phone number in your phone book, hard disk drive data recovery software the content of the text messages, etc. will be restored. It's up to you. Don't you dare to throw hard disk drive data recovery tools the broken phone around ~

  In this case, if you want to sell your mobile phone to others, and you are hard disk drive failure data recovery worried that others will restore your mobile phone data and leak your privacy, what should you do. hard disk drive recovery software download This is simple. We can overwrite the data and make it impossible to restore it. The method is very hard disk drive recovery software free simple. Save the movie in your phone. If you can't store it, you can store MP3. If you can't store hard disk drive recovery software freeware MP3, you can store text files until the space is full. , All the data area is covered by the data you hard drive adapter to recover dat a downloaded, so no matter how powerful the recovery software is

  Note: This is to tell everyone to hard drive and data recovery service protect their privacy. If you dispose of it or resell someone else's mobile phone, you should pay hard drive backup and recovery software attention to destroying the data. It will not take a long time, but it can protect your private data to hard drive bad sector recovery dat a a certain extent.In order to protect the privacy of the original owner, this article has mosaicked hard drive bad sector recovery software the key parts of the photo. If the original owner does not agree, please contact Xiaoqi to delete it. hard drive bad sectors data recovery In addition, Xiaoqi did not restore all the data on the memory card, only a few. Photos, used for hard drive boot sector recovery software tutorials, not used for other purposes, and the original files have been deleted.