Steps to reinstall the system[Win11 Solutions]

12 2021-08-20 20:50

  The operating system plays an extremely important role in the computer, improves the utilization windows 8 1 recovery usb stick download of computer hardware resources, provides us with a simple and easy operating environment, and provides windows 8 1 recovery usb stick erstellen an installation platform for application software.But how to reinstall the system?Next, let's take windows 8 1 recovery usb won& 39 a look together

  How to reinstall the system with one click?When the computer can be turned on, the windows 8 1 usb recovery drive download easiest way to reinstall the system is to reinstall the system with one click.We can help us reinstall windows 8 1 usb recovery tool download the system with the help of a one-click installation tool.I have compiled a graphic tutorial for windows 8 1 use usb recovery drive you to reinstall the system with one click, you can refer to it

  Steps to reinstall the system

   windows 8 64 bit recovery usb download 1. Reinstalling the system will format the system disk, and important data needs to be backed up to windows 8 can't creat recovery drive usb another drive letter

  2. Download the installer to reinstall the system software with one click. In windows 8 not booting from recovery usb order to avoid the situation of no network after reinstalling the system, it is recommended that you windows 8 operating system for recovery usb download the driver life network card version to drive D:

  3. Open the installation, reinstall the windows 8 password recovery tool bootable usb system will modify the startup items, you need to exit the anti-virus software, click I know

  4. windows 8 password recovery tool free usb Choose to reinstall the system, and you can contact manual customer service if you encounter windows 8 password recovery tool usb free problems

  Reinstall the system diagram-2

  5. Check the installation environment, you can see some information windows 8 password recovery usb free microsoft of the computer, the installation of win7 system must be MBR partition.Click next

  One-key windows 8 recovery after hard drive crash reinstallation system diagram-3

  6. Installer Bar provides the original version of Microsoft's official windows 8 recovery cd auf usb stick system, select the system that needs to be installed.It is recommended to choose the system recommended windows 8 recovery disk download usb free by the software based on the test results

  Steps to reinstall the system-4

  7. Select the windows 8 recovery disk iso to usb backup data. If there is no important data or manually backed up, just click Next, a pop-up window will windows 8 recovery disk new hard drive pop up, and click Install System

  8. Next, just wait for the automatic installation of the system. windows 8 recovery disk usb download free If you learn it, you can try it quickly

  One-key reinstallation system Figure-6

  The above is the windows 8 recovery drive usb from iso detailed steps of reinstalling the system, is it very simple.