How to solve the blue screen when the system is patched[Win11 Solutions]

32 2021-08-20 20:20

  Patches refer to small programs that are released to solve the bugs that occur in the use of large best software to recover corrupted files from external software systems. Patching is conducive to the stability of the system, but some friends have a blue best software to recover files from hard drive screen after patching. What is going on.Is there any solution?I believe everyone is no stranger to best software to recover formatted external hard drive computer blue screens, the blue screen plus a string of codes is terrible to think about.There are best software to recover hard drive data imac many reasons for the blue screen. The blue screen caused by patching is also one of the common reasons. best usb flash drive recovery software site It is caused by improper patches. The general solution is to reinstall the system.

  1. KB patch best way to recover data from hard drive causes blue screen

  1. Find a computer with a normal system (WIN7 32 or 64, pay attention to the best way to recover external hhd with ubuntu number of bits corresponding to the system), after entering the system, open the C: WindowsSystem32Codeintegrity best western digital external hard drive recovery software folder (C: corresponds to the Windows 7 installation partition), there are two in this bitlocker password recovery external hard drive microsoft account folder File: bootcat.cache and driver.stl, copy these 2 folders and put them in the external hard bitlocker recovery now hard drive not showing up drive.

  2. Start the blue screen computer with external hard drive, enter PE, put these 2 files into bitlocker save recovery key to usb greyed out C:WindowsSystem32Codeintegrity/replace these 2 files.

  2. Other patches cause blue screen

  1. Press black screen asus vivobook usb recovery won't work F8 when booting up until the advanced options appear when you let go, select "the last correct boot cd to recover files from hard drive configuration" and press Enter to repair.

  2. If the fault persists, please use the system restore that boot from dell windows 10 usb recovery drive comes with the system to restore it to the time you did not have the fault (or use the restore boot from device on usb recovery mode android software to restore the system).

  The system restore that comes with the system: "Start"/"Programs"/"Accessories"/"System boot from live ubuntu usb to recover dat a Tools"/"System Restore", click "Restore my computer to an earlier time", click boot from usb recovery environment with usb drivers Next, and you will When you see the dark date on the date page, it is the restore point. After you boot from usb to recover files windows 7 select it, click Next to restore (Win7 restore system, in the control panel, then the device and security boot hard drive is damaged how to recover sub-options and then the backup and restore options).

  3. If the fault persists, use the system boot mac in recovery mode with usb drive disk to repair, open the command prompt and enter SFC /SCANNOW and press Enter (there is a space boot mac in recovery mode with usb keyboard between SFC and /), insert the original system disk to repair the system, the system will automatically boot recovered mac hard drive in virtual machine compare and repair.

  4. If the fault persists, set the CD-ROM drive as the first boot device in the boot the pc to the usb recovery drive BIOS and insert the original system installation disk and press the R key to select "Repair boot up from usb recovery drive windows 10 Installation".

  5. If the fault persists, it is recommended to reinstall the operating system.