How to open the write cache strategy to increase the speed of SSD[Win11 Solutions]

32 2021-08-20 19:50

  Many people may not know that the solid state drive is different from the mechanical hard drive sandisk recover disk generator tool usb after it is installed in the computer. We need to align and optimize it to achieve the fastest performance, sandisk ultra usb 3 0 recovery so that the read and write speed of the solid state drive can ensure the fastest operation. One sandisk ultra usb dead 3.0 recovery of the more important ones is writing. The caching strategy is up. If you install an SSD solid state sandisk ultra usb dead retrieve files drive, then we must turn on the write caching strategy, otherwise the speed of the SSD will be sandisk usb extreme flash drive recovery very slow, as shown in the figure below. The read and write speed of the SSD after opening:

  The sandisk usb flash drive data recovery following figure is the ssd read and write speed test result after the write cache policy is closed

  It sandisk usb flash drive online recovery can be seen that the write speed of the ssd with the write-caching strategy turned off has exploded. sandisk usb flash drive recovery tool If the SSD is really used in this way, it is not as good as the write speed of the mechanical hard sandisk usb recovery software free download disk, then your computer will not be very fast, so we need to turn it on , If you find that your ssd sata hard drive data recovery software write is very slow, then it is very likely that the write caching strategy is not turned on. Let's sata hard drive failure and recovery teach you how to open it.

  1. Click the computer on the desktop or this computer, click the right sata to usb hard drive recovery mouse button and click Manage in the menu

  2. Then on the computer management interface, click Device save bitlocker recovery key to usb Manager on the left, and click Disk Drive on the right. Find your solid state drive as shown in save clicking hard drive data recovery the figure below. Note that it is different from the mechanical hard drive. The brand of solid state save macos recovery mode to usb drive is different. For example, the following Plextor is ssd. And the other is a mechanical hard scan external hard drive data recovery drive.

  3. Then select the ssd, right-click the mouse, click properties, and select the strategy button, scratched hard drive platter recovery indi a as shown below

  Then we tick before enabling write caching on the device under the write caching scsi hard drive data recovery software policy, so that your solid-state drive speed will be no problem, and the normal performance will sd file recover volume externally altered be maximized.

  In addition, everyone noticed that there is a "Turn off Windows writing on the device seagate 500gb external hard disk recovery and tell cache buffer refresh" to be checked. After checking, your SSD speed can be a little faster, seagate barracuda 7200.11 hard drive recovery but rarely, if it is not for the pursuit of extreme read and write performance It's best not to seagate encrypted recover data hard drive check to take effect, why, because in unexpected situations, such as power failure, or even crash, the seagate encrypted recovered data hard drive written data will be lost.

  Summary: The write caching strategy must be turned on for computers seagate external drive recovery software mac with SSDs. In fact, the general system is turned on by default, but it is very likely that some seagate external hard disk partition recovery optimization software is turned off, so our solid-state hard drives are not used at all. Maximum performance, seagate external hard disk recovery download if you feel that your ssd write speed is particularly slow, then check if the write caching seagate external hard disk recovery software strategy is turned off.