Other computer external hard drives are placed in the External external hard drive bo x prompting the need to format and recover data tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

29 2021-08-20 19:20

  If you have a spare hard drive, then you can make it into a mobile hard drive, you only need to buy how to install os from terminal recovery mode usb a very cheap mobile hard drive box, and if your hard drive source is linux or Apple computer, then how to install recovery disk on new hard drive you plug in When you go to the mobile hard disk box, you may directly prompt that you need to format how to install second hard drive and retrieve files to use. This is because your computer is a win system, and the format in your mobile hard disk is how to install windows 10 from a recovery usb another system. MacOS mainly uses HFS, and Linux mainly uses Ext series. The file system of FAT and how to install windows 10 from dell recovery usb NTFS are different, and these file systems are not supported by Windows and need to be installed with how to install windows 10 from recovery usb drive additional software to process, so it will prompt like this. If you click format directly, then the how to install windows 10 from usb recovery drive original hard disk The data inside is gone. At this time, you can use the following methods to how to install windows 8 from a recovery usb restore the data inside:

  1. If the original hard disk is a Linux system, then we need to use the ext2 how to install windows 8 from usb recovery drive explore tool to export the original data. It is very simple to use. Open the tool directly, and then how to lenovo onekey recovery to new hard drive select your mobile hard disk, then you can identify all the mobile hard disk Partition and data, we how to load hp recovery on external hard drive can directly export these data to the hard disk of the windows system, so that the data can be how to make a bios recovery usb gigabyte motherboard restored.

  2. If your original hard drive is MacOS, then we only need to use HFSExplorer to export the how to make a bootable usb from recovery partition original data, the method is as follows, click up to open the folder in the mobile hard drive, you how to make a bootable usb windows 10 recovery will see the original level by level The partition in the hard disk of your computer is ready, just how to make a bootable windows 10 recovery usb export the original data directly to the hard disk of the win system.

  Summary: After the data in the how to make a bootable windows 7 recovery usb original hard disk is exported, we can directly use the formatting function of win to reformat the how to make a bootable windows xp recovery usb mobile hard disk directly, so that it becomes a mobile hard disk partition in ntfs format or fat32 how to make a mac recovery usb on windows format, which is commonly used in win systems. Partition, you can copy files and data for storage at how to make a password recovery usb windows 10 will.