The memory card prompts to format for how to solve the tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

43 2021-08-20 19:00

  Whether it is a large SD memory card or a small TF mobile phone memory card, there will be problems recover overwritten files from hard drive after a long time of use. The most common one is that the memory card prompts to format. The general recover overwritten photos from hard drive performance is that we plug the memory card into the computer with a card reader. When I can't recover partition external hard drive mac read the data inside, I keep reminding me to format it before it can be used. But there are important recover partition from raw hard drive data in the memory card. Press the following to retrieve the data and then format the memory card. recover partition on external drive gparted The following method must be able to see the capacity of the memory card, which means that the capacity recover partition on external drive mac is still recognized normally.

  1. Download the diskgenius professional version. This is the key recover partition table external hard drive to solving the problem. Open the software, insert the memory card into the computer, and then select recover partition table usb flash drive the memory card in the disk area on the left, not the hard disk.

  2. Click on the tool above-search recover password on a hard drive for lost partitions, and then successfully find the partitions, save the partition table (the recover password windows usb for windows partition table will not have files, it is generally safer to repair directly)

  3. After finding the recover passwords from another hard drive partition table, we click Tools-Deleted or Formatted File Recovery, and then we can scan all the data recover passwords from old hard drive in the memory card.

  Directly press the default complete recovery to scan the data, and the actual recover permanently deleted folder in usb measurement retrieved all the photos in the camera memory card.

  4. After retrieving the data, copy recover phone data without usb debugging and backup the data to the hard disk, and then click the capacity bar of the memory card. Generally, recover photo from external hard drive there is only one partition. I made a boot disk here, so there are 3 partitions. Click the right recover photos from bad hard drive mouse button on the capacity bar, and it will pop up. Menu click format current partition, format the recover photos from broken hard drive entire memory card partition to restore the function of the memory card.

  5. Then copy the previously recover photos from corrupted hard drive backed up data to the successfully formatted memory card to completely solve the problem.