Why can the USBCDROMUD be booted only by the UDmade external hard drive but only the mass production partition can be booted[Win11 Solutions]

24 2021-08-20 18:40

  Friends who often use external drives to install computers will definitely encounter this situation. how to recover partitions from hard drive Before the same external drive was not mass-produced, only the USB boot disk creation tool was how to recover photo from hard drive used to make a UD boot disk (usb-hdd) to make a bootable external drive. Can boot many desktop computers, how to recover photos from hard drive and I feel that the startup efficiency is quite high, but some very old computers do not support how to recover photos on hard drive the hdd startup method, so I learned to mass produce and made a USB-CDROM+UD (USB-HDD) dual-boot how to recover physically damaged hard drives external hard drive, this should be able to solve most computers, but sometimes some laptops will only how to recover picture from a usb recognize the usb-cdrom booting but not the usb-hdd boot disk when booting, and it feels that the how to recover pictures deleted from usb second boot fails. Yes, some laptops can boot when single ud is started before, but I can't boot at how to recover pictures from hard drive all with my new dual-boot mass-produced external drive. I don't recognize both of them. I don't know how to recover platinum from hard drives why.?

  All boot bios images of the three-boot external hard drive have been identified

  In fact, how to recover ppt file on usb this situation is generally caused by some computers that only recognize one external drive boot how to recover quick formatted hard drive partition, because the motherboards are different, and the supported external drives are different. The how to recover raid 0 hard drive different external drives here refer to different masters, which is why two different external drives. how to recover raw files from usb Make the same ud boot disk, one of the reasons why it can't boot.

  When encountering dual-boot, how to recover raw hard drive dat a only one of them is recognized. As for which one to recognize, it depends on which partition is how to recover replaced files from usb designated by your external hard drive mass production tool as the first partition. Most external hard how to recover replaced files on usb drives will use usb-cdrom as the first partition. In this case, a computer that only recognizes one how to recover seagate external hard disk partition can only boot from usb-cdrom, and some special masters, such as the external hard drive of how to recover seagate external hard drive the Lianyang master, will use the usb-cdrom as the second partition, so of course the computer can how to recover seagate hard drive dat a only Identify the ud partition to boot.

  The above situation is actually rare. It is mainly caused how to recover seagate internal hard drive by insufficient bios support. Nowadays new computers can recognize almost all of them. You can recognize how to recover seagate portable hard drive a few by doing a few boot partitions, which is very powerful.