How to make the computer prohibit the use of external hard drive or External external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

11 2021-08-20 18:10

  Now computers are more and more widely used.Companies, schools, Internet cafes and other places recover files after reformat hard drive often need to disable external hard drives and mobile hard drives for various reasons, such as preventing recover files auto deleted from usb employees from taking away confidential information, preventing students from taking games to the recover files broken external hard drive school computer room to play, etc.

  Many friends may use USB management experts or other software recover files cut from hard drive that specifically restricts the use of external drives, but many of them are charged for.

  Today, recover files damaged usb memory stick here is a little trick for you to disable the external hard drive without professional software:

  Method recover files deleted from usb cnet one, BIOS setting method (quick knife cut the mess method)

  Enter the BIOS settings, select recover files deleted off usb drive the "IntegratedPeripherals" option, expand the "USB1.1Controller" and "USB2.The attribute of 0Contr01 recover files delted external hard drive ler" option is set to "Disableed" to disable the USB interface.Finally, don't forget to set a password recover files external hard drive noisy for the BIOS, so that others can't unlock the above devices by modifying the registry.

  Note: recover files from a magneted usb This method completely disables the USB interface, which means that all kinds of USB interface devices recover files from a raw usb can't be used, of course, it also includes external hard drives and removable disks.As this method recover files from an erased usb is too overbearing, please use it with caution.

  Method 2: Prohibit the startup of flash disk or recover files from apple hard drive mobile hard disk (applicable to WindowsXP/2000/2003)

  Open the registry editor, expand the following recover files from bad hard drive branches [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentCntrolSetServicesUSBSTOR] in turn, find the DWORD value named recover files from bad usb drive "Start" in the right pane, double-click it, and modify its value data to hexadecimal in the pop-up recover files from bitlocker hard drive edit dialog box System value "4".Click the "OK" button and close the registry editor, restart the recover files from broken hard drive computer to make the settings take effect.After restarting, when someone connects the USB storage recover files from broken usb drive device to the computer, although the indicator on the USB device is flashing normally, the drive letter recover files from broken usb mac can't be found in the Explorer, so the USB device can't be used.

  Method three, hide the drive recover files from corrupted external drive letter and prohibit viewing (applicable to Windows system)

  Open the registry editor, expand the recover files from corrupted hard drive following branches in turn [HKEY_CURRENT_USERsoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPloiciesExplorer], recover files from corrupted usb drive create a new binary value "NoDrives", the default value is , which means that no drives are hidden.The recover files from corrupted usb free key value is composed of four bytes. Each bit of each byte corresponds to a disk from A: to Z: When recover files from corrupted usb linux the corresponding bit is 1, the corresponding drive in "My Computer" is hidden NS.The first byte recover files from corrupted usb mac represents 8 disks from A to H, that is, 01 is A, 02 is B, 04 is C. and so on, the second byte represents recover files from crashed hard drive I to P, and the third byte represents Q to X, the fourth byte represents Y and Z.For example, to recover files from damaged hard drive close the C drive, change the key value to ; to close the D drive, change it to , if you want to recover files from damaged hard drives close the C drive and D drive, change it to 0C (C is hexadecimal, converted to decimal is 12).

  After recover files from dead hard drive understanding the principle, take my computer as an example to explain how to operate: My computer recover files from dead usb drive has a floppy drive, a hard disk (5 partitions), and a CD-ROM drive. The drive letter distribution is recover files from defective hard drive like this: A:(3.5 Floppy disks), C:, D:, E:, F:, G:, H: (CD-ROM), so my "NoDrives" value is "02ffffff", recover files from deleted hard drive hiding B, I to Z disks.

  After restarting the computer, and then inserting the external hard recover files from desktop hard drive drive, it is not visible in my computer, but entering I: in the address bar (the drive letter is H recover files from destroyed hard drive after my computer is powered on) can still access the mobile disk.At this point, everyone can see that recover files from encrypted hard drive "NoDrives" is just a blinding trick, so we have to do one more step, which is to create a new binary recover files from encrypted usb drive "NoViewOnDrive" and change the value to "02ffffff", which means that its value is the same as recover files from erased hard drive "NoDrives".In this way, neither the USB drive letter nor the USB drive can be accessed.

  Method 4: recover files from external hard disk Prohibit the installation of USB drivers

  In Windows Explorer, go to the "System Disk: WINDOWSinf" recover files from external hard drive directory and find the name "Usbstor.pnf" file, right-click the file, select "Properties" in the pop-up recover files from external hard drivre menu, then switch to the "Security" tab, select the user group to be forbidden in the "Group or user recover files from extrenal hard drive name" box, and then set the permissions of the user group In the box, select the "Reject" check box recover files from failed hard drive behind "Full Control", and finally click the "OK" button.

  Then use the above method to find recover files from faulty hard drive "usbstor."inf" file and set in the security tab page to deny access to users of this group, the operation recover files from faulty usb drive process is the same as above.After completing the above settings, users in this group can't install recover files from formatted hard drive USB device drivers, so that the purpose of disabling is achieved.

  Note: If you want to use the recover files from formatted usb drive access control list (ACL), you need to use the NTFS file system.