How to fix the card reader cant read it[Win11 Solutions]

26 2021-08-20 17:30

  We know that mobile devices include external drives and mobile hard drives.But sometimes we will free non destructive hard drive data recovery use the card reader to read the phone memory card or camera memory card.So when it comes to card free online data recovery from hard drive readers, there will be a phenomenon that the card reader can't read the card, so what is the matter that free online data recovery from usb drive the card can't be read.

  There are many reasons why the card reader can't read it, but we can solve free online data recovery software for usb it by eliminating the problem. First, check whether the card reader is the problem, that is, insert free online external hard drive data recovery the card into the card reader and then insert it into the computer. If the front interface does not free online recover data usb flash drive respond If so, please plug in the rear interface, if the rear interface still can't be read, then free photo recovery from external hard drive plug and unplug another computer.If it is normal, it means that the original computer is the cause, free photo recovery from formatted hard drive if it is not normal, it is the cause of the card reader.

  If the card reader is inserted into another free portable hard drive data recovery software computer and the card reader is normal, then the original computer is malfunctioning.The solution free recover data from damaged hard drive to the computer setting failure:

  1. Then click [Start-Control Panel-Add New Hardware-Find] on the free recover data from external hard drive original computer, and then find out if there are any external devices. If so, you can open it and free recover deleted files on hard drive click [Hardware] to uninstall the driver, then insert the card reader and reinstall drive.

  2. Of free recover deleted photos from hard drive course, you can enter the safe mode, then repair the registry, and then re-enter the normal mode to free recover deleted videos from android usb plug and unplug the card reader, and the problem is solved when you check.

  3. If the fault still free recover files from external hard drive persists, try to restore the computer to the time when there is no fault, or repair the electrical free recover files from formatted hard drive system disk, open the command prompt, enter SFC /SCANNOW and press Enter, and then insert the system free recovering programs from external hard drive disk to repair.There is no need for us to repair it, the system will automatically detect and repair free recovery data from external hard drive it.

  4. If the fault persists, set the CD-ROM drive as the first boot device in the BIOS and insert free recovery program for external hard drive the system installation disk and press the R key to select "Repair Installation".

  5. Causes of free recovery software for formatted external drive insufficient usb power supply.This situation may be caused by too many external devices on the usb free recovery tool for usb flash drive interface.Solution: Right mouse button [My Computer-Device Manager-Find the "Universal Serial Bus Controller" free seagate hard drive data recovery software option, and then there are some "usb Root Hub" options on the drop-down list of this option], free software data recovery external hard disk as shown in the figure:

  Double-click the option, then open the properties dialog box, switch to the free software istonsoft usb data recovery 2 "Power Management" tab, remove the check box before "Allow the computer to turn off this device to free software recover data damaged hard drive save power", and click OK.

  If the card reader is malfunctioning, first check whether the data cable free software to fix usb flash drive connection is broken.Then whether there is a fault in the interface.Just try to change the free software to recover crashed hard drive interface.Of course, the editor suggests that the card reader is not very expensive now, so change the card free software to recover hard drive dat a reader.What problem is solved.