Steps to set up router External phone tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

41 2021-08-20 17:00

  Now the newly bought routers can be set up with a mobile phone, without a computer, but many people windows 8 recovery tool usb free download may not know how to set up a router with a mobile phone. The following is the simplest step for windows 8 recovery usb download 64 bit everyone. First, I will give you a general idea. step:

  1. First plug in the power of the router, and windows 8 recovery usb failed security boot plug the network cable from the optical modem to the wan port of the router.

  2. Use a mobile phone windows 8 recovery usb fat32 or ntfs to connect to the default wifi of the new router. Generally, the wifi name starts with the English windows 8 recovery usb flash drive download name of the router, such as tp_XXXX numbers.

  3. Use the mobile phone's default browser to log in windows 8 recovery usb for another pc to the router management address is generally It may also be a domain name such as windows 8 recovery usb from another computer

  4. After entering, you can choose the Internet access method, you can fill in the dial-up windows 8 recovery usb from windows 10 account, or you can directly set the automatic access method.

  5. Set the wifi name and password.

   windows 8 recovery usb from windows 7 6. Set the router login password

  The steps are described in detail below:

  1. Connect the network windows 8 recovery usb wiederherstellen speicherort auswhlen cable to the router as shown below, you can see that it is connected from the lan port of the optical windows 8 recovery usb wiederherstellen speicherort ausw盲hlen modem to the wan port of the router, the yellow port, if there is no computer, there is no need windows 8 recovery usb without windows 8 to connect the computer network cable.

  2. Open the wlan setting on the phone, find the default wifi windows 8 recovery usb won t boot address of the router, here is the tplink router so the address is tp-link_2edd, you can see which windows 8 system recovery download for usb signal is the strongest and does not require a password is your router wifi default name, click windows 8 system recovery external hard drive connect.

  3. The default address of the router to log in to the mobile browser, usually But windows 8 usb recovery drive not working routers are of different brands and addresses. You can open it and see how much the address is written windows 8.1 boot from usb recovery drive on the nameplate on the back of the router. For example, this is tplogin in the picture

  You windows 8.1 copy recovery partition to usb can also see that there is no password by default, so you can directly enter the router setting windows 8.1 lenovo factory recovery usb key interface. If you have a password, what is the password will be written on the nameplate, and then windows 8.1 password recovery tool usb download enter the password.

  4. Enter the address bar of the mobile browser according to the address on windows 8.1 recovery disk download usb free the nameplate above, and be careful not to enter it into the search bar, it is the top address bar, windows 8.1 recovery partition auf usb stick here is

  5. Then it will automatically enter the setting interface. The first time you log windows 8.1 recovery usb download 64 bit in to the tplink router, you will be asked to fill in an administrator's password. Other routers windows 8.1 recovery usb download keeps failing may not, so we fill in a memorable password. Note that this password must be remembered. Live, otherwise windows 8.1 recovery usb for another pc you won't be able to log in to the router address without a password.

  6. Then you will be asked windows 8.1 recovery usb ntfs or fat32 to choose the Internet access method. If your home is broadband Internet access, then fill in the windows 8.1 recovery with usb product key broadband account and password given to you by the operator, as shown below.

  7. If your home is a windows advanced options boot from usb recover kind of cat with light, generally you can choose to get the ip automatically by going online, this windows advanced options bot from usb recover way is the most.

  8. Then click Next. At this time, you will be asked to fill in the wifi name and windows app to recover formatted hard drive password, and fill in the wifi name and password that we like. Note that the password should also be windows automated system recovery disk xp usb remembered, and it is best to write it on paper, so as not in the future forget.

  9. After the setting windows build 1809 system recovery usb file is completed, you can go online normally.

  Summary: Here is the setting steps of tp-link as an windows data recovery software external hard drive example. Other routers are actually similar, so it is nothing more than setting the Internet access windows error recovery on external hard drive method first, then setting the wifi name and password, and finally setting a router login password windows file recovery from free live usb to access the Internet. The setting is complete After that, you can log in to the router setting windows hard drive recovery tool how to interface again to see if the router's Internet connection status is displayed. It's really simple.