How to install the original Win11 system tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

13 2021-08-20 16:50

  WIN10 system has been launched for some time.Many friends have used the latest version of the WIN1 create hp recovery usb windows 7 0 system, and some friends are planning to use the WIN10 system.There are two main ways to install create hp recovery usb windows 8 WIN10 system.One is to upgrade and install, upgrade to WIN10 through the system's own update function.The create hp windows 7 recovery usb other is a new installation of WIN10 system.On the one hand, the upgrade installation sometimes create lenovo recovery usb windows 10 fails to accept the push from Microsoft, on the other hand, the upgrade is sometimes unstable and create lenovo recovery usb windows 7 often prompts failure.Then it is a better way to choose a new installation at this time.

  So how do create mac os recovery usb mac we cleanly install the WIN10 system.First we prepare two tools:

  1. WIN10 original system.

  2. create mac os recovery usb mojave external hard drive installation tool:

  What we choose here is the three-partition installation version create mac os x recovery usb of the Providence external hard drive Maintenance System (version ).The three-partition installation create mac recovery usb high sierr a version of the Providence external hard drive Maintenance System contains 3 files, ty.exe (external create mac recovery usb on windows hard drive system installation tool), ty.fba (system files installed to the UD partition), ty.iso create macos recovery usb on windows (system file installed in hidden area).Where TY.The FBA file contains 03PE, WIN8PE (32-bit version) create norton bootable recovery tool usb and DOS tools, supports BIOS startup, and can install WIN10 original system through third-party create password recovery usb windows 10 tools.TY.The ISO file is WIN8PE (64-bit version), supports UEFI+BISO dual boot, supports third-party create password recovery usb windows 7 tools and native installation of WIN10 original system.

  Next, we install the three-partition installation create password recovery usb windows 8 version of the Providence external hard drive maintenance system to the external hard drive.

  create password recovery usb windows 8.1  1. Let's run ty first.EXE.The following interface appears:

  The default is as follows, we better create recovery boot usb windows 10 not modify.Just click "Start Installation" below.

  The three-partition mode refers to the TY.FBA is create recovery disc windows 7 usb installed in the UD hidden area, and TY.ISO is installed in the hidden area, and then there is a create recovery disk usb windows 10 external hard drive visible area, a total of three partitions.

  The non-destructive installation mode create recovery disk windows 10 usb is to install the Providence U-disk maintenance system to the U-disk without changing the U-disk create recovery disk windows 8.1 usb file.This installation method is relatively safe and will not cause loss or damage to the existing things create recovery drive windows 10 usb in the external hard drive.Of course, for the sake of safety, it is recommended to back up the create recovery drive windows 7 usb data on the external hard drive.

  2. After clicking install, the following interface appears, click " create recovery drive won't recognize usb OK" to start installing the external hard drive system.

  3. About several minutes to ten minutes, create recovery file windows 8 usb the installation tool will prompt that the system has been installed.At this time, we can use the create recovery image windows 10 usb external hard drive to install the original WIN10 system.

  Of course, first of all, we must download create recovery mac external hard drive the WIN10 mirror image from Microsoft's official website.Now we start the process of installing the create recovery media windows 7 usb original WIN10 system on the computer.

  1. Start the computer first and set UEFI to boot.Of course, create recovery partition on external drive we can also set the BIOS to start, that is, use the system in the FBA file to install WIN10 (must use create recovery partition windows 10 usb a third-party tool).Because we are installing the original WIN10 system natively, we set UEFI to create recovery usb drive windows 10 boot WIN8PE (64-bit version).

  Enter the UEFI setting interface, we set the UEFI boot sequence in the create recovery usb drive windows 7 lower left corner.

  PS: This computer is an Asus motherboard, and the UEFI setting interface is create recovery usb for acer c720 as follows.Other computers or motherboards may be slightly different.But the same is the same, the create recovery usb for another computer basic settings will not be much different.

  Second, we can drag the mouse or keyboard operation to set create recovery usb for another pc the external hard drive as the first startup item.

  3. After setting, press F10 to save the create recovery usb for high sierr a setting.Select the second item in the figure below and press Enter to save.

  Of course, we can also press create recovery usb for windows 10 the F8 key to directly set the startup item.

  4. After setting the UEFI boot, restart the create recovery usb from another pc computer.Enter WIN8PE by default (64-bit version).

  5. We mount the ISO of the WIN10 system with a virtual create recovery usb from command prompt CD-ROM drive.

  Six, double-click SETUP.EXE.The following interface appears:

  Follow the prompts create recovery usb hp windows 7 to the next step.Click "Install Now".

  Seven, fill in the product key.No search online.

  8. The create recovery usb mac el capitan following interface appears, select "Custom: Install Windows only".

  Installed in the first partition create recovery usb stick windows 10 by default.

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