external hard drive Knowledge Common problems and solutions when making a USB boot disk[Win11 Solutions]

20 2021-08-20 16:20

  Have you encountered some common problems when making USB boot disks?.Common problems must be solved retrieve deleted files from usb stick easily.Let me introduce to you what are the problems and solutions.

  1. Start mode selection

   retrieve deleted files hard drive ftk The usual external hard drive boot creation tool has two modes: HDD and ZIP. We can choose the default retrieve deleted files on hard drive HDD mode of the tool.

  2. Selection of external hard drive Boot Disk Creation Tool

  The choice retrieve deleted files on usb stick of the USB boot disk creation tool is really important. Good tools have good services and better retrieve deleted hard drive files xp technical support. Generally, there are only a few on the Internet. Here we recommend the u boot USB retrieve delted files from usb drive boot disk creation tool. external hard drive Home

  3. The blue screen phenomenon will appear when retrieve file from dead hard drive using the made USB boot disk

  This problem is mainly caused by the problem of the computer itself. Due retrieve files after formatting hard drive to the need to take up memory when loading the pe system, today's computer memory has reached more retrieve files deleted from external harddrive than 2G, and compatibility will also cause the blue screen phenomenon. These two problems are mainly retrieve files deleted from usb stick for the old Computer problems.

  4. Set the external drive to start the external drive home

  Here, retrieve files from bad hard drive because of the different brands and models of computers, their setting methods are different. You retrieve files from broken hard drive may wish to go to the official website of ustart to see the external hard drive poor bios setting retrieve files from corrupted hard drive tutorial for reference. external hard drive Home

  The above are the problems and solutions we will retrieve files from crashed hard drive encounter in the process of using the USB boot disk that we shared with you today.Hope it helps retrieve files from damaged hard drive everyone.

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