sm32xproductiontoolmultidevicee0420 Huirong test steps[Win11 Solutions]

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  This program is for the SMI sm32x mass production tool and can test 16 devices at a time, but it phoenix bios crisis recovery disk usb key needs to be in Windows XP or Windows 98 (win98 is recommended to avoid USB time problems) external photo data recovery hard drive price list hard drive Home

  Test steps: Home of USB

  In win98, you need to install the driver first, please run photo recover from formatted hard drive hard setup98factory.exe install the driver of WIN98, and then run the test program sm32xtest.exe.

  Scan photo recovery from dead hard drive minneapolis how many devices have been connected to the USB, and determine how many devices need to be tested photo recovery from hard drive free software once.It only needs to scan once after the test, the green box shows whether the device is connected photo recovery software for external hard drive to the PC or not.

  The password is "320", it will allow the user to change the CID information.Choose physically damaged hard drive data recovery software to load an INI file, which is located in the same directory.

  If there is no setting, the program picture recovery from failed laptop hard drive will load default.ini file external hard drive home

  1. Application: Choose the home of memorybar pinout western digital external hard drive recovery external drive

  2.vid: Set the USB vendor ID external hard drive home Set the USB product plantronics voyager firmware recovery usb connection required ID external hard drive home

  4.bcddevice: Set the user's USB device ID version (the version that please insert usb key os recovery tool customers can set for different modes) external hard drive Home

  5. Serial number: select the serial plug in chromebook recovery usb not working number of "No serial number" or "20 bytes" or "Do not update serial number".

  6.Vendor Str: Set portable clean room for hard drive recovery 20 bytes of vendor information

  7.Product STR: Set the 20-byte external hard drive home for product portable hard drive recovery software free download information

  8. Start serial: set the first serial number

  9. End serial: set the last serial possibility of recovering a formatted hard drive number (the start button will be disabled if you count to this number)

  10 Query suppliers: Inquiry pqi usb 3.0 flash drives recovery tool supplier string 8 bytes external drive home

  11Query product: query product string 16 bytes primary hard drive has two recovery partitions clock: if enabled, clock setting, optimized clock, disable is set from INI file readclk and professional data recovery for failed hard drive writeclk

  13.Make ISP selection: manually select the downloaded ISP file name (automatically selected by professional external hard drive data recovery software default)

  14.Disk type: set the external drive type USB-ZIP or USB-HDD, (USB-ZIP is a removable program to recover deleted files from usb disk, USB-HDD is a hard disk)

  15.usb power: set the USB maximum power 100ma 500mA

  16.Bad blocks: programs to recover data from hard drive set the allowed number of bad blocks, if the number of bad blocks is tested, it will fail.(If it is programs to recover files from hard drive SLC type flash memory, the minimum value is 20, and the minimum is MLC type 44)

  17.Disk size: flash programs to recover lost data on usb test disk capacity from 16M-4G, check the home of external hard drive

  18.Disk label: in the file programs to recover lost dta on usb manager (if it is an empty string, the default string of the operating system after WinXP is ps3 hard drive repair and data recovery displayed)

  19.Autorun setting: select a CD image file to make a CD image, it must be an ISO format ps3 xmb system hard drive data recovery file

  Home of external hard drive Test Project

  1 test: initial controller and flash memory, home of ps4 only shows hard drive recovery screen external hard drive

  2 write: write configuration information display. USB home ISP ps4 usb system recovery fat32 or exfat download file: reserved memory of ISP Flash.

  4. Copy comparison: do a simple read and write test. USB psp 1000 recovery menu usb charge battery home

  5. Enable automatic operation: mirror the CD to the disk

  6. Format: high-level fat format. pulling out your harddrive to recover files

  All the options and click "OK" will save to the INI file and load the selection.If you click "Save purpose driven celebrate recovery bible hardcover book to file" it will save to another INI file and load.

  (C) Start testing the external hard drive put android tablet in usb recovery mode Home

  1.Start the test procedure in "Scan USB" and "Settings". external hard drive Home

  2. Click on put recover for windows 10 on usb the "Start" button, external drive

  3. If the test passes, it will display "OK", otherwise it will put recovery and installation on same usb display "Failed".

  4. After the test is completed, it will display the flash size external drive put recovery image on new hard drive on the box

  5 The status bar will also display the test count, pass and fail counters

  Debug button: put the recovery partition in a usb used for internal debugging, home of USB

  Burn on the button: In the test, it will run cyclically put windows 10 on usb to recover by setting the cycle count

  (D) Reading CID external hard drive Home

  1 Click the "Box" button put windows vista recovery disk on usb and the device settings you selected will be displayed

  (1) Video: Now the device USB VID string

  ( quick books 2012 recover from hard drive 2) PID: The PID string of the current device's USB is the home of the external hard drive

  (3) Serial: raw data hard drive recovery windows 10 The USB serial number of the device is now the home of the external drive

  (4) Supplier STR: Now ready to use phoenix crisis recovery usb the home of device USB supplier string external hard drive

  (5) Product structure: USB product readynas usb flash recovery 4.01c1 p2.img download series of current devices

  (6) Query: Now the device SCSI query string is the home of external rebooting windows 10 usb flash drive recovery drives

  (7) ISP version: now the ISP version of the device

  (8) System clock: The current controller recover 20g data on usb flash drive clock setting, only 320 controller clock setting.

  (9) Integrated circuit version: the hardware version recover a chromebook hard drive data recovery of the current device controller external hard drive Home

  (10) Bad block: display the pre-tested, recover a deleted powerpoint from a usb bad block information external hard drive Home

  (11) ISP verification: download service provider recover a folder from usb drive free for checksum readback

  (12) Flash: display flash manufacturer code and device code

  E) ini set recover a hard drive that went raw the external drive home

  Name byte default description

  Home of Value external hard drive

  1 0 0 recover a hard drive that won& 39 : serialmethod USB serial number increase

  1: USB serial number is 0

  2: USB serial numbers are not recover a hard drive with bad sectors updated

  usbmaxpower 1 0 0: USB power supply defines the home of 100ma external hard drive

  1: recover a lost word document from usb USB power supply definition 200ma USB home

  2: USB power supply definition 300ma external hard drive recover a wd hard drive that failed home

  3: USB power supply definition 400ma USB home

  4: USB power supply definition 500ma

  1 1 recover a xp hard drive onwindows 10 0: home of disktype USB-HDD external hard drive

  1: Home of encrypted external hard drive

  Failure recover act database from crashed hard drive 0: Do not check 1 0 of the disk capacity

  1: 16M, 32M, 2: 3: 4: 128m 64M,

  5: 256M, 512M, 6: 7: 8 recover activation key officenon booting hard drive : 2g 1G,

  Application 1 0 1: Home of Card Reader external drive

  2: Card reader + disk

  AD 4 090 recover admin password windowsxp by using usb c USB Vendor ID external drive Home

  PID 4 1000 USB Product ID USB Home

  vendorstr 20 USB vendor recover administrator password windows 7 using usb string

  productstring 20 USB product series

  serialbegin 20 USB serial port number start

  serialend recover adnroid phone files using usb c 20 The USB serial port number ends, when the serial number is the home of the external drive

   recover after windows turned external hard drive Count to the number, the program will stop

  16 inquirystring SCSI inquiry product series

  8 recover all deleted files from hard drive inquiryvendor SCSI inauiry supplier string

  Identifies the volume label of the 32 disk

  4 1000 USB recover all files from formatted hard drive bcddevice version numbers

  defaultisp 1 0 0: Automatically select ISP to download files from external recover another pc with windows 10 usb drive

  1: Choose an ISP to download power

  256 If ispfile defaultisp is equal to 1, then recover backed up wd external hard drive download

  badblock 1 20 Set the range of bad block measurement

  SLC must be greater than 20, MLC must be recover bad sectors of a hard drive greater

  Home of more than 44 USB drives

  Customer 1 1 is the home of different customer-led recover bad sectors on external hard drive control types of external drives

  readclk 1 0 Read clock setting

  1 0 writeclk write clock setting

   recover chipsbnk usb drive from windows 10 (No, 320) Home of external hard drive

  autorunfile 256 automatic image size USB home

  reservezone recover chrome bookmarks from old hard drive 1 0 reserve data zone, the size is N×1024, the home of the department external drive

  1 0 0: When recover chrome passwords from external hard drive BOOTtype format MBR offset 0x1be=0

  1: When format MBR offset 0x1be=0x80

  1 1 0: Disable the recover chrome passwords from old hard drive prediction USB home

  1: Enable the home of the former external hard drive

  writecid 1 1 0: Disable recover contacts on android without usb debugging writing CID

  1: Enable writing to CID

  Format 1 1 0: Disable format

  copycompare 1 1 0: Disable recover corrupted data from external hard drive copy comparison

  1: Enable copy comparison external hard drive Home

  downloadisp 1 1 0: Disable the recover corrupted esxi vm from hard drive download of ISP USB home

  1: Enable download of ISP USB home

  1 0 0: Disable autorunt makeautorun recover corrupted files external hard drive mac external hard drive Home

  1: Enable automatic operation of the USB home

  The following items do recover corrupted files from hard drive freeware not display the setting interface, you must modify the ini file external hard drive Home

  (3) Writeclk recover corrupted files from usb drive free external hard drive Home

  (F) Frequently Asked Questions

  Win98 scan without USB, please check recover corrupted files from usb flash drive "SMI 320 Factory Drive Device Manager"

  2.Failed device: if the LED flashes through the device, recover corrupted files from usb hard drive otherwise it is a failure. USB home