The external hard drive is writeprotected for how to release it [Win11 Solutions]

23 2021-08-20 15:00

  Although the external hard drive write protection is a particularly old problem, the failure rate recover an corrupt xbox 360 hardrive of the current external hard drive is the highest. When the external hard drive can't be read and recover android fies with usb debugging written due to write protection, the first thing you should consider Whether the write protection switch recover android files with usb debugging is turned off, the same for netizens who use the mobile phone SD card, should also pay attention recover apple macbook air hard drive to the write protection switch on the interface, only when it is turned off, can the read and write recover avi files from hard drive operations be performed normally.

  When the computer can recognize the external hard drive normally, recover bios from external hard drive we can try to repair the external hard drive once.Right-click the letter of the external drive and recover bitcoin wallet from hard drive select "Properties" from the pop-up menu.

  Then in the "Properties" window that opens, switch to recover bitlocker encrypted unformatted hard drive the "Tools" tab, and click the "Check for errors" button.

  In the pop-up window, check the two items recover bitlocker key from hard drive and click the "Start" button to try to fix the external hard drive write protection error.

  Perform recover bookmarks from old hard drive a reset operation on the external drive.

  If it is not the problem of the write protection switch recover boot partition external hard drive of the external hard drive itself, or the test can't be done by changing the computer (excluding the recover bricked omega onion usb driver problem of the computer itself), the following describes how to solve it by software:

  Download recover broken exfernal hard drive info the "USBOOT" program from this site.Since this program performs the repair operation of the external recover broken hard drive files cost hard drive, it is dangerous, because if possible, do a good job of backing up the relevant data of recover broken hard drive files software the external hard drive.

  Run the USBOOT program, select the external hard drive to be repaired, and recover browser passwords from hard drive then click the "Select Work Mode" drop-down list, and select the "Reset parameters with 0" item from recover certificates off external hard drive it.

  Then click the "Start" button to reset the external drive.

  The second ultimate method: mass recover channel master external hard drive production repair is the most effective

  1. Download the external hard drive chip detection tool recover chrome bookmarks from hard drive "Chip Worry", and get the chip information of the problem external hard drive, such as the one in the recover chrome passwords from hard drive following figure;

  2. Search for the low-level tool or mass production tool of the chip, and recover cmd run usb after deleting download it. For example, if the chip found above is the PS2251-61 chip of the Phison, go directly to the recover computer after hard drive crash Phison Mass Production Tool column to download the latest MPALL3.29 mass production tools;

  3. recover content external hard drive mac Repairing the external drive in mass production according to Phison's mass production tutorial will recover contents of a hard drive finally solve the write protection problem. Although mass production is risky and may be scrapped, this recover contents of external hard drive is indeed the most effective method at present.

  Use the external hard drive mass production tool recover corrupt word document on usb to repair it, the following specific instructions:

  First, search on the Internet and download and recover corrupted and unreadable hard drive install the "chipgenius chip detection tool" to check the model of the external hard drive main recover corrupted external hard drive mac control chip and other related parameters.

  Then we search for relevant mass production tools online recover corrupted external hard drive ubuntu according to the PID, VID and main control model of the external hard drive.Of course, we can also recover corrupted file in excel external click on the official mass production tool recommended by the inspection tool.

  Next, run the mass recover corrupted files from usb mac production tool that matches the type of external hard drive to repair the external hard drive.(Note, recover corrupted files from usb online the external hard drive type must match. When a mass production tool can't complete the repair operation recover corrupted files on usb stick of the external hard drive, it is recommended to try other related mass production tools)

  For recover corrupted files usb site example, the following is a screenshot of the mass production repair tool of Anguo Master Control:

recover corrupted files usb using cmd   Download USBCleaner

  Use USBCleaner-->Monitor Program-->Other Functions

  There is an option recover corrupted hard drive windows 10 -->Remove write protection, then select browse drive letter, then click Remove write protection

  Finally recover corrupted hard drive windows 7 OK, try to see if it is cancelled.

  The fourth method:

  1. My computer (right-click)-Manage-Disk recover corrupted hard drive with testdisk Management-Select the external hard drive, right-click to delete and format (online method, I haven't recover corrupted usb drive windows 10 tested it, I hope it works)

  2. Modify the registry (because modifying the registry is the last recover corrupted usb drive windows 7 job I did, I don't know if the two steps in the "other methods" will pave the way for it, please make recover corrupted usb yelp san jose the registry modification method invalid before converting the format And modify the operation of recover crashed external hard drive mac the strategy)

  1. Open the registry win+r (start-run) and type regedit.exe

  2. Enter the following recover crashed hard drive read errors directory HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlStorageDevicePolicies

  Create this item recover crashed mac hard drive genius if there is no StorageDevicePolicies item

  3. Create the Dword value and name it WriteProtect and recover cut files from hard drive set its value to 0

  The above is a normal operation, but in actual operation, the above operation recover damaged external hard drive dat a sometimes can not solve the problem of write protection. In response to this problem, the author has recover damaged external hard drive mac performed the following operations

  5. Restart with external hard drive when restarting. When the recover damaged files from usb drive system restarts until the external hard drive light flashes, unplug the external hard drive

  6. After recover damaged hard drive parted magic the system restarts, insert the external hard drive, and the external hard drive operation returns recover damaged partition external hard drive to normal

  Supplementary note: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMControlSet002Control StorageDevicePolicies recover dat from external drive mac in the registry; the WriteProtect value in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMControlSet001Control StorageDevicePolicies recover data after formatting hard drive is also changed to 0;

  If the above two methods still do not solve the problem, look at the recover data after hard drive crash following methods:

  Generally, the external hard drive of my colleagues is in FAT32 format, now recover data after hard drive failure let us convert it to NTFS format:

  If your external hard drive is L in your computer: Take the recover data after reset husband android example

  1. Enter cmd for win+r.exe (starting dos, in windows) can also be attached to the command recover data after wiping hard drive prompt;

  2. Use the convert command. Note that the convert command can't convert the current disk, so recover data bad laptop hard drive operate under any drive letter other than L: Here, take the d: disk directory as an example;

  3. Enter recover data bad sectors hard drive the following command convert L: /fs:ntfs /nosecurity /x

  Disclaimer: In addition to modifying the recover data broken hard drive software registry method, the two methods can only solve the write protection of the external hard drive at recover data broken ide hard drive the same time. Please choose carefully. It is best not to convert the format operation. If the format recover data buffalo external hard drive conversion is performed, the data from FAT32 to NTFS will not be lost. It can be formatted to FAT32 recover data corrupt lacie hard drive after it is restored to normal. The conversion from FAT32 to NTFS is simple, but the converse is recover data corrupted usb drive free troublesome, and the data is easy to lose after the transfer.