[Fixed] memory card cannot be deleted[Win11 Solutions]

22 2021-08-20 14:10

  Generally speaking, mobile phones have their own memory.However, with the intelligentization of make a windows xp recovery usb mobile phones and more application software, the memory of the mobile phone itself can no longer meet make bootable recovery usb windows 10 the needs of users. At this time, many users will expand the memory--the memory card also has a place make bootable recovery usb windows 7 to use it.Many use memory cards will not cause problems, but when you want to change the files in make bootable recovery usb windows 8.1 the memory card, but you find that the memory card can't be formatted, how can this be solved.Don't make bootable usb from recovery partition worry, I'll teach you the solution, let's take a look!

  1. Connect the memory card to the computer, make bootable usb recovery windows 10 right click on my computer-management-computer management

  2. Click Disk Management under Storage make bootable usb recovery windows 7 on the left to confirm the disk information displayed on the memory card, such as Disk 1, etc.

  3. make bootable usb windows 10 recovery Right-click Disk 1-Create a new partition, select fat32, and the system will prompt that the creation make bootable usb windows vista recovery is successful

  4. Finally, format the memory card.

  Use the file shredding tool of Rising or 360 make bootable windows 10 recovery usb Security Guard (other file shredding can also be used) to shred the system under mmc together.Then make bootable windows 7 recovery usb the formatting can be completed normally.

  By deleting system files.There must be an unfamiliar file make easy recovery essentials bootable usb that can't be deleted.Select this file, rename it, delete this unfamiliar file, and try formatting make hp recovery usb windows 10 again.

  Insert the memory card, double-click the computer, and then press alt+t to select the folder make pasword recovery usb windows vist a option--view--find (show all files and folders) and click on the front ⊙ ! Then remove the √ in make recovery disck windows 10 usb front of (Hide protected operating system files)!!Then click apply and confirm! At this point, click make recovery disk usb windows 7 the right button of the memory card to open it, and delete all the files found in auto, and then you make recovery disk windows 7 usb can safely delete the memory card and plug it in, then you can double-click to open it.

  Use the make recovery drive into regular usb memory card formatting tool to format, there are such tools on the Internet

  After the editor: The make recovery drive usb hp laptop above are several methods introduced by the editor, and they are some of the more commonly used make recovery usb drive windows 10 methods.If none of the above methods work, your memory card is likely to be damaged. If you can exchange make recovery usb from inside windows one with the seller during the warranty period; if it is out of the warranty period, you can only buy make recovery usb mac os x one. Fortunately, the current price is not Very expensive.