How to partition the External external hard drive Two methods tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

23 2021-08-20 14:00

  New mobile hard disks have only one partition, and current mobile hard disks have a capacity of at usb data recovery software free online least 1TB. If there is only one partition for such a large space, it will be difficult to manage for usb data recovery software full activated friends with more data types, such as one for entertainment materials. Partitioning. Put one partition usb data recovery software fully activated for office. This requires at least 2 partitions, and some friends need more partitions. So how usb data recovery software online free to partition the mobile hard disk under win10 system will be taught to you today. There are two methods usb data recovery software open source in the tutorial. , One is to partition by the disk manager of the win10 system itself, and the usb data recovery software pixel 2 other is to use the partition assistant free software to partition.

  1. Disk management to partition

  1. usb data recovery software without registration Click this computer on the desktop, click the right mouse button and a menu will pop up, click usb data recovery tool free download on the management inside

  2. In the management interface, click the disk management item on the usb data recovery tool windows 7 left

  3. Then you will find that the hard disks in the computer will be listed, including the system usb debugging s8 to recover photos hard disk and the mobile hard disk, which will be listed in the form of disk 0 and disk 1. You can usb deleted file recovery free download see that the mobile hard disk is disk 1

  4. Then you can see that the mobile hard disk already has a usb deleted file recovery free software normal partition. At this time, you must delete the partition and repartition, but if there is data usb device not recognizeddurring iphone recovery in it before, you can choose to compress the volume to separate a partition on the original basis, usb device recovery software free download here Just use the compressed volume method, as shown in the figure below, click the right mouse button usb device to recover windows files in the mobile hard disk graphic, and click compressed volume in the menu.

  5. Enter the partition usb digital media data recovery software capacity that needs to be divided. If the data before you move the hard disk is not large, you can usb disk recovery software free download divide the capacity by more points, so that you can use the compressed volume to divide a partition usb doesnt work except in recovery again, so as to achieve the requirement of 3 to 4 partitions.

  6. After entering the capacity, click usb dongle backup and recovery 2012 Compress.

  7. Just click Next to finish, and then you will find that the mobile hard disk has 2 usb dongle backup and recovery download partitions, but the divided partitions still show unallocated, so you need to create a new volume.

  usb dongle backup and recovery pro  8. Click the right mouse button directly in the unallocated graph, and click New Simple Volume in usb drive corrupted data recovery freeware the pop-up menu.

  9. Then click Next to finish, just use the default.

  10. After completion, you can usb drive data recover in connecticut see that the second partition is also called newly added volume and is already available.

  11. If usb drive data recovery 2.0 1.5 you still want to continue the partition, repeat the operation in this way. Of course, the operation usb drive data recovery 3.0 full object is divided from the second partition, so it was explained before that the capacity of the usb drive data recovery 4.0 1.6 first partition should be as large as possible.

  2. Partition Assistant to partition

  Partition usb drive data recovery serial Assistant is a domestic free software with a very user-friendly interface. It is easier for novices to usb drive data recovery free download partition the mobile hard disk. Compared with the system's own disk management tool, it is more usb drive data recovery free software flexible and the implementation method is more intuitive. I will teach you the following.

  1. Download usb drive data recovery full version and open the partition assistant, then you will find that all the hard disks in your computer have usb drive data recovery software download been identified. The mobile hard disk is generally ranked second. Please be careful not to choose the usb drive data recovery software free wrong one. If the mobile hard disk is new, there is only one partition with capacity. Generally 500 usb drive defective keeps ejecting recover G or 1TB

  After selecting the mobile hard disk, click the cut partition option on the left, you can usb drive for windows 10 recovery directly drag the mobile hard disk into 2 areas, and adjust the size at will.

  2. Generally, when usb drive not working data recovery we adjust, we will divide the first partition a bit smaller and the second partition a bit larger, usb drive recover format software reviews such as 1TB. If you only divide 3 partitions, then the first partition will have a capacity of 300GB, usb drive recovery in los angeles and the second partition will have a capacity of 300GB. 700GB, after splitting, we select the second usb drive recovery missing partition freeware partition of 700GB and click Cut Partition again, and divide 700GB into two partitions, so that usb drive recovery shops in orlando there are 3 partitions. It is very convenient and fast, which is definitely faster than the built-in usb drive recovery software free download tools of the system. Many, the default partition is ntfs, it is also recommended to use ntfs, so that usb drive recovery tool free download a single file larger than 4G can be placed.

  Summary: For novices, it is recommended to use the usb drive repair software free download partition assistant, which can be very intuitive and can be partitioned without loss when there is data. usb drive versus hard drive recovery It is a better choice. Of course, if you are too lazy to download software, use the system's disk usb drive without formatting recovery raw management directly. It's also possible to partition by a mobile device. In short, partitioning of usb drive/flash drive data recovery software a mobile hard disk is still very easy. If you take a look at the tutorial, you will usually encounter usb dungel back up and recovery it later.