Encrypt the External external hard drive without software to make the external hard drive more secure[Win11 Solutions]

21 2021-08-20 13:50

  Since the introduction of mobile hard disks, it has been welcomed by many office users. For huge windows password recovery tool usb windows 7 data, mobile hard disks can only be selected. external hard drive capacity is not enough, and ordinary windows password recovery tool usb windows 8 computer hard disks can't be moved, which can't meet the needs of office. Therefore, mobile hard windows password recovery tool windows 7 usb disks are very suitable for processing huge data. Office staff.Nowadays, the virus spreads very quickly, windows recover unallocated space on usb stick and it is also a headache for computer users. Therefore, most computers have some viruses more windows recovery cd onto a usb drive or less. If your mobile hard disk is used on a computer with a virus, it is likely to be infected with windows recovery console copy files to usb a computer virus. , Resulting in the loss of data on the mobile hard disk, causing great losses.Ordinary windows recovery dectect hard drive from usb anti-virus software is difficult to solve the virus in the mobile hard drive, so how can we windows recovery does not recognize hard drive ensure the safety of the mobile hard drive.Computer Assembly Network provides a solution for everyone, windows recovery doesn't recognize usb hard drive which is to encrypt the mobile hard disk to block the invasion of virus and Trojan horses.

  1. The windows recovery drive doesn't see new harddrive principle of using mobile hard disk encryption

  NTFS and WinNT are a very safe and reliable advanced windows recovery drive same as windows usb file system.In various operating systems, NTFS can also implement functions such as file and windows recovery drive vs factory recovery usb folder permissions, encryption, disk quotas, and compression.The following will explain how to use NTFS windows recovery drive vs msi recovery usb to provide encryption functions and system digital certificates to encrypt data.Improve the security windows recovery hard drive cd rom problem of documents.

  Two, NTFS format to achieve mobile hard disk encryption

  Set the partition format windows recovery hard drive not showing up of the mobile hard disk to NTFS, and you can perform EFS encryption on all files in the partition.Specific windows recovery keeps downgrading my hard drive encryption steps: select the folder to be encrypted or the drive letter of the mobile hard windows recovery media creator not recognizing usb disk, Properties-General-Advanced-check the "Encrypt content to protect data" check box, OK-OK-OK, windows recovery on hard drive via usb click OK three times in a row. , EFS encryption operation is very fast, so that it can no longer be windows recovery tool on external hard drive accessed on other computers.

  The operation process is as follows:

  Here we use the "BG" folder in windows recovery usb can i reuse it the mobile hard disk as an example to explain.If you see the situation as shown in Figure 3, the file windows recovery usb can't load operating systems names in the folder have changed to green after the operation, it means that the file encryption is windows recovery usb vs windows install usb successful!At this point, when your mobile hard disk is used on someone else's computer, you don't windows recovery usb windows 10 32 bit have to worry that the little secret you have encrypted will never be opened again.However, if you windows rt 8 1 recovery usb download see the following situation during operation, it means that your mobile hard disk has been write-protected, windows server 2012 bare metal recovery external and you need to remove the write protection. You can modify the registry to remove the write windows server 2012 system state recovery usb protection, then reconnect the mobile hard disk, and repeat the above Just do it!

  At this time, you windows server recovery not reconigzing my usb will also find that when you copy files to the mobile hard disk, you may see the following windows surface laptop create a recovery usb situations:

  Modify the write protection value of the mobile hard disk as follows: "Start" menu-"Run"-"regedit" windows tool to recover usb after linux to open the registry.

  Modify as follows: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControl windows unable to format hard drive recovery StorageDevicePolicies, change WriteProtect, the value 1 to 0, and it's ok.

  Several issues that need windows usb recovery bad system config startup to be paid attention to:

  1. If you want to reinstall the system, you must decrypt the files before windows vista password recovery free download usb reinstalling, otherwise you will not be able to decrypt the files after reinstalling.Decryption is windows vista password recovery tool usb free the same as encryption. To remove the "Encrypt content to protect data" check box, click OK.

  2. The windows vista recover settings from external drive EFS encryption method is the simplest and most practical, but be sure to back up the key first windows vista recovery cd auf usb stick (encrypt the key with RAR and store it in a safe place or mailbox) to prevent your computer from paralyzing windows vista recovery disk download to usb or decryption after reinstalling the system.Otherwise, in the event of an accident, you will not windows vista recovery download free for usb be able to decrypt these files if you do not enter the decryption hill before the system is windows vista recovery options hard drive driver reinstalled.So we must pay attention to the backup key, remember to remember!

  Steps to back up the key:

windows vista recovery usb from safe mode   (1) "Start → Run", enter "mmc", and then click "OK".(certmgr.msc)

  (2) On the "Console" menu, click windows vista recovery von usb stick booten "File"> "Add/Remove Snap-in", and then click "Add".

  3. Under "Individual Management Unit", click windows wont boot system recovery or usb "Certificate", and then click "Add".

  4. Click "My User Account", then click "Finish", then click windows xp administrator password recovery usb boot "Close", and then click "OK".

  5. Double-click "Certificate-Current User", double-click "Personal" windows xp automated system recovery disk usb , and then double-click "Certificate".

  6. Click the certificate with the words "Encrypted File windows xp password recovery tool usb boot System" in the "Intended Purpose" column.Right-click the certificate, select "All Tasks", and click windows xp password recovery tool usb free "Export".

  7. Export the certificate and related private key in PFX file format according to the windows xp recovery console access usb drive instructions of the certificate export (Note: It is recommended to export the private key by "Export Private windows xp service pack 3 recovery usb Key" to ensure that the certificate is protected by a password to prevent others from stealing won boot from usb windows error recovery it.Also note that the certificate can only exist in the folder where you have read and write wset upa windows 8 recovery bootable usb permissions.

  Finally, I should mention that there are other uses for this certificate:

  1. Give different wyred 4 sound recovery usb reclocker review users access to encrypted folders

  Export my certificate in the "Export Private Key" method, and xbox 360 external hard drive data recovery send the certificate to other users of this machine who need to access this folder.Then he logs in, xbox 360 hard drive data recovery software imports the certificate, and realizes access to this folder.

  2. Restore access rights to the previously xbox one external hard drive data recovery encrypted folder backed up by the "Backup and Restore" program on its WinXP machine

  The encrypted xbox one showing external as recovery disk folder is backed up with the "Backup and Restore" program, and then the generated Backup.Copy xp crash hard drive file free recovery bkf together with this certificate to another WinXP machine, and use the "backup and restore" program xp recovered hard drive file free recovery to restore it (Note: only the NTFS partition can be restored).Then import the certificate, you can yodot hard drive recovery 3.0 serial key access the recovered file.

  Three, pay attention to the following five points in the encryption yodot hard drive recovery failed to start process:

  (1.To open "Windows Explorer", click "Start→Programs→Accessories", and then click "Windows yodot hard drive recovery full version with Explorer".

  (2.Files marked as "system" can't be encrypted, and files located in the systemroot yodot hard drive recovery software free download directory structure can't be encrypted either.

  (3.The compressed file or folder can also be encrypted. yodot hard drive recovery software serial key If you want to encrypt a compressed file or folder, the file or folder will be decompressed.

  (4.Only yodot hard drive recovery unlock s files and folders on NTFS partition volume can be encrypted, and files and folders on FAT partition youtube restore windows 10 from recovery usb volume are invalid.

  (5.When encrypting a folder, the system will ask if you want to encrypt its youtube win10 recovery drive on usb thunmbstick subfolders at the same time.If you choose Yes, its subfolders will also be encrypted, and all files 1 day hard drive recovery pittsburgh and subfolders added to the folder will be automatically encrypted when they are added.

  Fourth, 1607 copy recovery partition to usb keep your certificate

  Save the PFX file.After reinstalling the system in the future, just double-click 2 guys data recovery hard drive the certificate file and import the private certificate to access the folder encrypted by the 2 tb hard drive recovery costs original user of the certificate under the NTFS system (Note: The encrypted folder on the NTFS partition 2.5 sata hard drive data recovery backed up by the backup recovery function is can't restore to non-NTFS partition).