Teach you to add an automatic viruschecking option to the Win11 external hard drive autoplay window[Win11 Solutions]

21 2021-08-20 12:20

  I don't know what you are most afraid of when using external drives.?Is it a hardware failure.No, data recovery from burnt hard drive as long as you are not buying inferior brand-name products, the probability of damage during normal data recovery from clicking hard drive use is very low.Accidentally lost?I don't think it will happen easily if you are not a very reckless data recovery from corrupted usb drive person.So what are you afraid of.Maybe you already have the answer in your mind, yes, it's a virus. data recovery from corrupted usb stick

  The famous Autorun virus must be familiar to everyone. In order to reduce the threat of this virus, data recovery from damaged usb stick Microsoft even issued a patch to turn off all the automatic playback functions of the system before data recovery from damged hard drive Windows 7.As for Windows 7 itself, the automatic playback mechanism has been changed. After detecting data recovery from dead hard drives the external hard drive, it is not opened directly, but a selection window pops up to let the data recovery from dead usb stick user decide how to operate.

  This method effectively avoids the direct infection of Autorun virus, data recovery from defective hard drive but other types of viruses or malware may be hidden in the external hard drive. If you can make full data recovery from dropped hard drive use of this auto-play window, it would be better to add a virus scanning function to it.Not to mention, data recovery from erased hard drive I really found a way to realize this idea on the Internet, and let more people know this technique data recovery from external drive cost by borrowing flowers to offer Buddha.(English original reference)

  First, you need Windows 7, data recovery from external drive expensive then download and install the free antivirus software MSE produced by Microsoft, and then download the data recovery from external hard disk compressed file package mseautoplay.zip.

  After the compressed package is downloaded, unzip it to data recovery from external hard dive any folder, it contains three files, mseautoplay.reg (registry key file), msescan.vbs (VB script file) data recovery from external hardrives free and undo.reg, double click mseautoplay.reg import the necessary registry keys, and then msescan.Copy data recovery from fried hard drive vbs to the Windows directory.

  Note: undo.reg is used to clear the imported registry, when you data recovery from hard disk drive no longer need it, double-click it.

  Re-insert the external hard drive and try again. There is an data recovery from hard drive buffalo additional item "Scan For Viruses Malware" at the bottom of the general options, but there seems to data recovery from hard drive failure be some problems, the icon is not displayed properly, and the MSE scan can't be invoked even when you data recovery from hard drive free click it.

  According to experience, this should be caused by the file path mismatch, and it should data recovery from hard drive london not be difficult to solve it.Start with the registry file, take a look at mseautoplay.Reg files are data recovery from hard drive mac added to the registry, and then open the registry editor to view one by one, and finally found a data recovery from hard drive mumbai problem in [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\AutoplayHandlers\Handlers\ScanUsingMSE], data recovery from hard drive platters pay attention Data item on the right: DefaultIcon, the path in its value is not data recovery from ide hard drive consistent with the location of MSE.