How to use diskgenius software[Win11 Solutions]

29 2021-08-20 12:10

  How to use diskgenius?Diskgenius is a software that integrates partitioning tools and data recovery. sound file recovery software for usb flash drive To use it, we need to make a external hard drive boot disk to enter the PE system to use it without sp usb flash drive recovery software free download any worries.Next, I will teach you how to use diskgenius.

  How to use diskgenius

  Preparation special hardware to recover data failed hard drive tools:

  2. A computer that can access the Internet normally

  1. First find a computer with Internet start in recovery mode ps3 new hard drive access, search for [Xiaoyu System Official Website] in the browser, and download the official website stellar phoenix hard drive recovery software free download of Xiaoyu One-click Reinstallation System.Insert the 8G external drive into this computer and back stellar phoenix mac data recovery external hard drive up the important data in the external drive.

  2. Open the one-click reinstallation system of Xiaoyu, stellar photo recovering mac hard drive won't boot select the production system on the left, and click to start production.

  3. If you want to stellar photo recovery mac hard drive won't decrypt install the system, you can choose a system to download, if you don't need it, click to start making.

  steps to recover data from a hard drive  4. The interface for backing up external hard drive data appears, click OK.

  5. After the system steps to recover data from external hard drive download is complete, there will be a prompt to start the external drive successfully. Pull out the stop windows 10 recovery cant see usb drive external drive, click the shortcut key to query your own computer's external drive startup hot key.

  surface 3 will not boot from recovery usb  7. Insert the external hard drive into the computer that needs diskgenius, press the power button, surface pro 2 recovery usb from microsoft image immediately hit the external hard drive startup hot key, select the external hard drive option in the surface pro 3 restore from usb recovery drive window, and press Enter.

  8. The PE selection interface of Xiaoyu system appears, use the arrow surface pro 3 windows 10 create recovery usb keys to select the [01] option, and press Enter.

  9. Enter the PE system interface, you will see a surface pro 4 recovery from usb bcd missing lot of software on it, double-click the diskgenius software to open it, there are many functions above, surface pro 4 recovery from usb not working such as files, hard disks, partitions, tools, etc. If your hard disk is not partitioned, you can surface pro 4 recovery from usb reset tpm click to create a new partition.

  10. A window will pop up, select the desired partition type, surface pro 4 recovery usb on win 7 partition size, and alignment, and click OK.

  11. You can also create a logical partition in the new system image recovery windows 10 desde usb original partition created

  12. Of course, there are many other functions above, you can click on the help to system image recovery windows 7 new hard drive view the usage method, and finally the setting is completed, just save the changes.

  The above is system image recovery windows 7 on external drive the detailed steps of how to use diskgenius software, have you learned?