external hard drive repair Win11 system[Win11 Solutions]

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  external hard drive repair Win7 system

  Nowadays, the users of Win7 system account for the vast windows 10 recovery media usb download majority. Although the Win7 system is already known for stability, it does not mean that there is no windows 10 recovery media usb size problem. Sometimes due to software or self-operation reasons, some system files are accidentally windows 10 recovery new hard drive deleted, causing the system to fail. Open situation.At this time, if your computer does not have an windows 10 recovery no usb power optical drive, you can only use a external drive to operate. People usually think of using a external windows 10 recovery password usb shareware drive to reinstall the system. In fact, the external drive can also be used to repair the system.

   windows 10 recovery tool usb download Method 1: Download a Win7PE, put it in the external drive, unzip the installed ios file to the external windows 10 recovery tool with usb drive, and run setup directly after booting up the PE.Under exe (repair boot tool) repair, this windows 10 recovery usb 16 gbs is the easiest way to repair the system with a external hard drive. USB home

  Method 2: Download a windows 10 recovery usb 32 bit dual-system boot file on the active partition, which means that the boot file can be repaired in the windows 10 recovery usb 64 bit system. If it can't be repaired, give up, otherwise it will be repaired. If the chipset is different, windows 10 recovery usb best buy a blue screen will appear, etc. problem. USB home

  Method 3: If your system is missing system windows 10 recovery usb black screen files, you can copy relevant files from other computers to the external drive, and then start winpe windows 10 recovery usb blue screen from the external drive to copy them into the Win7 system, avoiding reinstalling the system. external windows 10 recovery usb boot download hard drive Home

  The above three are relatively simple ways to repair the Win7 system with a external windows 10 recovery usb boot error drive. If it is impossible to repair successfully, then choose to reinstall the system with a windows 10 recovery usb cannot create external drive. This is the most versatile solution, but you must remember when reinstalling Store the windows 10 recovery usb clean install important information of C drive on other hard drives, including some important places such as the windows 10 recovery usb command prompt desktop, favorites, my documents, etc. external hard drive Home

  external hard drive to repair Win7 windows 10 recovery usb copy files system: