Windows 11 mirror installation tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

27 2021-08-20 08:30

  As a new generation system, win10 system has super compatibility with hardware devices, and increases recover lost data from hard drive free the game performance, returns to the start menu, and is deeply loved by the masses.Next, I will recover lost data from hard drive software teach you how to download the win10 system image. Let's take a look if you need it.

  Recently, many recover lost data from portable hard drive netizens have asked about the method of downloading and installing the win10 system image. In fact, recover lost data from your hard drive many one-click reinstallation system software has been provided for download and installation from recover lost data hard drive after format the official Microsoft system.Some friends are not at ease, I will sort out the win10 system mirror recover lost data on external drive mac download and installation method for everyone, hurry up and take a look

  1. Win10 mirror download recover lost data on hard drive mac address:

  32-bit Windows 10 mirror download address

  32-bit Windows 10 mirror download address

  2. recover lost data on usb flash drive Copy the required win10 mirror download address, open Thunder Download, a new download task pops up, recover lost file from external hard drive and click Download Now

  Three, install win10 mirror

  1. Download the installer to reinstall the recover lost files from crashed hard drive system software with one click. Download address: Pay attention to back up the important data on the recover lost files from external hard disk C drive. It is best to download the driver life network card version to avoid the situation of no recover lost files from formatted hard drive network after the installation.

  2. Open the installation bar to reinstall the system with one key, recover lost files from hard drive free and click on the custom image restore after entering the main interface

  win10 mirror download recover lost files from usb flash drive figure-2

  3. Directly click to mount the mirror on this interface. If the mirror is not found, you can recover lost files from usb flash drives choose to search for the first level directory in the lower left corner, and click Search local mirror recover lost files on a usb drive to find it.

  4. Choose the larger install.wim file, click to install the system image, select the recover lost files on external hard drive win10 system version that needs to be installed

  Download and install win10 mirror image-4

  5. recover lost files on hard drive free After the setting is completed, click to restart the computer immediately, and then the downloaded recover lost files on usb flash drive win10 image will be installed automatically

  win10 mirror download figure-5

  6. Then enter the win10 recover lost files on usb memory stick system and set it up and you can use it normally.

  Win10 mirror download figure-6

  The above is recover lost files wd external hard drive the detailed tutorial of win10 mirror download and installation. If you have any problems, you can recover lost folder from external hard drive contact the manual customer service.