How to display the hidden files in the external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

19 2021-08-20 07:00

  Sometimes, in order to ensure the safety of the files in the external drive and prevent others from mac crashed hard drive how to recover files seeing it, we will find ways to hide the articles in the external drive.But how to show the article mac data recovery guru external hard drive mac after it is hidden?Here are a few ways to show hidden files:

  one.You can use WINRAR to retrieve mac data recovery software for external hard drive files

  Feel free to open a compressed file. After opening the dialog box, do not unzip, but click mac external hard drive data recovery serial key the upward arrow to find the external hard drive directory, and you can see all the files in the mac hard drive recovery 5 day free trial external hard drive.Select a folder in the external drive and recompress it to another location on the mac hard drive recovery software free for pc hard disk, so that this folder is copied out, and the other folders are the same operation.

  two.Batch mac locked recovery drive boot from external usb processing

  @echo +----------------------------------------------- --------------+

  @echo This mac not wanting to boot into recovery usb program eliminates the hidden attribute of the folder being placed by the virus

  @echo Maintenance mac os recover files from wiped hard drive Alliance Forum

  @echo +----------------------------------------------- --------------+

  @ECHO may mac os sierra recovery usb drive from pc take a while, please be patient

  @echo wait patiently.

  attrib -s -h *. /S /D

  attrib +s +h mac os snow leopard boot to usb recover System~1

  attrib +s +h Recycled

  attrib +s +h +a ntldr

  Copy the above code into the TXT file, and then mac os x mountain lion recovery disk usb change the suffix name.bat, double-click to run.

  three.If it is affected by a virus, take the mac recover external hard drive without disk utility following steps:

  1) Find a computer that is not infected with a virus;

  2) Make this computer visible mac recover files from formatted hard drive free to hidden files (folders), including system folders.Specific settings in the folder options.

  3) mac recovery time machine not showing external disk Connect the external hard drive to the computer, and don't move it after inserting it.

  4) Right-click mac usb wont boot just loads recovery console "My Computer", select "Explorer", and then select the external drive in the directory list on macbook hard drive recovery software using windows 10 the left, so that the following content will be displayed.

  5) But you still can't mess around at macbook not detecting hard drive and not recovering this time, otherwise the virus will infect a good computer.

  6) Copy these files to the computer; do macbook not showing hard drive in recovery mode not double-click to run after copying.

  7) Remove and hide these file attributes.

  8) Sometimes, macbook pro hard drive wipe and internet recovery especially the folder will add the exe extension, directly delete its extension; at the same time, use macos 9 in 1 usb recovery install disk the above method to back up the files in the folder through the resource manager and unhide the macos forensic data recovery software crashed hard drive attributes.

  9) Format the external drive, and then copy the backed up files into it.

  10) You can make a bootable usb windows 10 recovery disk either disinfect the original computer (the one with the poison) or reinstall the system.After make a bootable usb windows 7 recovery disk reinstallation, it is generally recommended not to double-click to open each drive letter, but to use the make a hp recovery usb for another computer Explorer, click Open, and then set the Autorun under the root directory of each drive.Inf file deletion, make a recovery disk windows 7 on usb and Autorun.The files pointed to in the inf file are also deleted.