The setting method of Anguos master control mass production tool does not recognize the external hard drive and the mustsee for mass production[Win11 Solutions]

20 2021-08-20 06:20

  Anguo mass production premise: Anguo master can't be mass-produced with 64-bit win7, and the computer usb data recovery tool free download will lose 100% of the driver (if you accidentally mass-produce and lose the driver, all USB is usb data recovery tool windows 7 not easy to use, see this tutorial: 64-bit Win7 system after mass production How to deal with the usb debugging s8 to recover photos unusable USB).32-bit win7 can be used for mass production, xp is recommended.

  Many friends use chipgenius usb deleted file recovery free download or chipeasy to detect the main control model of the external drive, but the corresponding mass usb deleted file recovery free software production tool does not recognize it. Of course, this does not rule out the detection error of the usb device not recognizeddurring iphone recovery detection tool. The most accurate way is to disassemble the external drive to see its internal Master usb device recovery software free download chip.

  For Anguo master control, when you are sure that the master control is detected correctly, usb device to recover windows files but the tool still does not recognize it, except for short-circuiting, then you have to set vid and usb digital media data recovery software pid.

  The following pictures and texts illustrate the setting steps:

  Use chipgenius to detect the usb disk recovery software free download chip manufacturer and chip model (ie the master). Since there are two detection results, the mass usb doesnt work except in recovery production tools of these two masters must be downloaded and tried:

  After downloading the mass usb dongle backup and recovery 2012 production tool, decompress and open the compressed package.Anguo's mass production tools are divided usb dongle backup and recovery download into two types, one is AlcorMP and the other is FC MPTool.Open one of the executable programs:

  It usb dongle backup and recovery pro was found that the tool did not recognize the external drive:

  Don't worry, set it up first:

  Open usb drive corrupted data recovery freeware LoadDriver in the compressed package folder:

  Set the vid and pid information in the following dialog usb drive data recover in connecticut box, which is the same as the chipgenius detection result (don't just imitate my example here, usb drive data recovery 2.0 1.5 just work around it, just the same as your chipgenius detection.)

  Click "Install".Note that you can' usb drive data recovery 3.0 full t see any installation process after clicking install, in fact, the driver has been installed in the usb drive data recovery 4.0 1.6 background.

  Do not close the above window, and then open the mass production tool. Click set, no usb drive data recovery serial password, just click OK.

  In the "external drive Information Settings" tab, also set the vid pid to usb drive data recovery free download be consistent with your chipgenius detection result (note the flexibility, do not copy my example). usb drive data recovery free software

  Click OK to save.Close the mass production tool and then reopen it. If the tool is correct, it usb drive data recovery full version will recognize:

  If it appears when reopening:

  Just click Cancel, exit the external drive safely, usb drive data recovery software download and close the mass production tool software.Then open the mass production tool software and insert the usb drive data recovery software free external drive.

  After success, exit the external drive safely and uninstall LoadDriver .