The Tencent windows 1110 Upgrade Assistant pops up in the lower right corner to perfectly disable the solution tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

15 2021-08-20 06:10

  For win7 and win8 systems, I don't know if you have recently encountered a relatively large windows 10 hard drive recovery volume advertisement popping up in the lower right corner of the computer, displaying the windows 10 upgrade windows 10 home 32bit recovery usb assistant. Below is a big immediate upgrade experience button, under the banner of upgrading window10, windows 10 home recovery to usb it is actually for you to install Tencent Computer Manager, I once had a low hand. After clicking once, windows 10 home recovery usb download you installed Tencent Computer Manager soon. Because my computer has 360 Guardian and 360 Antivirus windows 10 how use recovery usb installed, I don't need Tencent Computer Manager at all, so I uninstalled it, but it I still remind windows 10 install a recovery usb me on time in the lower right corner of my computer every day after I turn it on. It's really windows 10 installation usb vs recovery disgusting to me. This pop-up ad says Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant, which is free for a limited time.Turn windows 10 iso recovery usb size on the computer every day (win7) and pop up the following picture prompt, there is a win10tips062 windows 10 key recovery old harddrive 3v1 in the process.Exe is very annoying, it jumps out once a day and can't be removed completely. How windows 10 make a recovery usb can I remove it completely., Using 360 antivirus and 360 guards have checked that there is no windows 10 make recovery usb requirement poisoning.I searched the internet for win10tips0623v1.exe, many netizens are bothered by this thing like windows 10 making recovery usb drive me.

  When this ad pops up, you can see a WIN10TIPS0623V1 process from the process manager, so I windows 10 not recovering fail usb right-clicked the process to locate its file location.

  After positioning, in the folder as shown windows 10 not recovering failed usb below, mine is C:UsersAdministratorAppDataRoamingWIN10TIPS0623V1.EXE location, different computers may windows 10 not recovering from usb have different locations, everyone can use the above process manager to find it by location.

  I tried windows 10 os recovery 64bit usb many methods on the Internet to no avail. At first, I directly deleted the two files starting with windows 10 password recovery boot usb win10, and the result was automatically downloaded. Later, I replaced WIN10TIPS0623V1 with an empty windows 10 password recovery bootable usb file.EXE this file.But the software that generated this program seems to have a check function, so windows 10 password recovery tool usb it will replace the empty file.

  Finally found a solution:

  One, first put WIN10TIPS0623V1.Tick windows 10 password recovery tools usb read-only in the EXE right-click properties, and then press the following operation.

  In WIN10TIPS06 windows 10 password recovery usb boot 23V1.Change the permissions in the properties of the EXE and deny all permissions so that the program windows 10 password recovery usb bootable can't be executed. The operation is as follows:

  Right-click on two files starting with win10, windows 10 password recovery usb free Properties-Security-Edit, select Deny in all groups or user names, and then confirm.Just close the windows 10 password recovery usb pcsteps program.If the program has to start again, an error will occur, as shown in the figure below:

  After windows 10 password recovery usb tool clicking edit, you can choose to reject.

  Each user name must be selected once in the group or user windows 10 pro create recovery usb name position, and all of them must be checked to reject.

  Of course, if it is upgraded and renamed windows 10 pro os recovery usb next time, for example, change to WIN10TIPS_TOOLSV1.EXE, we will do this operation again for this windows 10 pro recovery from usb new file, if the above operation is invalid, then we can directly delete WIN10TIPS0623V1.EXE and Win1 windows 10 pro recovery tools usb 0TipsCfg.dll two files, if you are prompted to delete it, you can use 360 to force deletion, and then windows 10 pro recovery usb download set the C:UsersAdministratorAppDataRoaming directory to read-only:

  2. Because there is more than windows 10 pro recovery usb size one Roaming folder, we also need to perform the following operations:

  In the picture above, you windows 10 recover external hard drive can see that there is more than one rogue program in this directory, and the names are various, including windows 10 recovery boot disk usb CheckMewin10.exe also has WIN10CHECK***.EXE etc.

  1. Open the folder below

  C:WindowsSysWOW64 windows 10 recovery boot from usb configsystemprofileAppData


  Delete the Roaming windows 10 recovery boot to usb folder, right-click to create a new txt file, rename it to Roaming, note that the txt suffix should windows 10 recovery boot usb download also be deleted, then right-click to select properties, and check read-only.See the figure below for windows 10 recovery bootable usb download detailed operation.

  If you can't delete it, please use the 360 powerful delete tool and check to windows 10 recovery disk to usb prevent regeneration, as shown in the figure below:

  The purpose of this operation is to prevent windows 10 recovery disk usb download the rogue program from being created again, and it will change various names so that you can't find windows 10 recovery disk usb size the relevant information, so set the general directory to read-only, no matter what name it creates, windows 10 recovery download for usb it is forbidden. I did the above Let's observe the effect tomorrow.