How to install the Win11 device manager driver[Win11 Solutions]

67 2021-08-20 06:00

  Generally, the drivers are automatically installed by clicking on the next step to install successfully, dell inspiron 1525 hard drive recovery but sometimes some drivers are green version, that is, they do not include the automatic dell inspiron 1545 hard drive recovery installation program. This kind of driver is generally very small in order to save space, so you need it dell inspiron 3847 recovery usb flash at this time I went to the device manager to install it. The operation is relatively more complicated. dell inspiron 7548 use recovery usb Let's take win7 as an example to teach you how to install this driver.

  There are three cases dell inspiron i5 7000 recovery usb in this case. One is that there is a driver in the computer, but you need to select it, called automatic dell laptop hard drive data recovery search driver, the other is that there is no driver in the computer, and you need to manually dell latitude 10 usb recovery key specify the installation, and the last is to choose to install, you can choose Different versions of dell new hard drive windows recovery drivers exist in the system, you can also choose your driver folder.

  one.Automatically search and dell os recovery and restore usb install drivers

  First open "Device Manager", right-click "Display Adapter", select "Update Driver dell os recovery not detecting usb Software".

  Then select "Automatically search for updated driver software", if the system contains a dell os recovery save to harddrive driver that supports the hardware, the system will automatically install the driver for this hardware.If dell os recovery tool bricked usb the system does not support the driver for this hardware, the driver installation can't be dell os recovery tool usb error completed.

  two.Install from the specified location

  If the user has the installation media or knows dell os recovery tool usb format which directory the driver is placed in, he can choose the installation media or a specific software dell os recovery tool usbkey zip storage location to install.Select "Browse your computer for driver software" in "Update Driver dell os recovery usb can't boot Software", then click "Browse", select the path where the driver is stored, and click "Next".

  Start dell p28f recovery windows 8 usb searching until the installation is successful, click "Close".

  three.Choose to install

  Selecting dell recovery & restore usb drive the driver to install is the fastest method. If you are familiar with the hardware model, you can dell recovery and restore to usb click "Select from the computer's device driver list" in the "Update Driver Software".

  In the open " dell recovery and restore usb download Select the device driver to install for this hardware", select the hardware, and then click "Have dell recovery and restore usb error Disk".

  Open "Install from Disk", click "Browse" to specify the directory location of the hardware dell recovery and restore usb gczjgw1 driver, and click "OK" to quickly complete the driver installation.

  The source of the manufacturer's dell recovery and restore usb key file copy is generally located in the folder where the driver package you downloaded is dell recovery and restore usb tool decompressed.

  Summary: Of the above three methods, the third one is the most commonly used, which is also the dell recovery disk new hard drive recommended method. The green version of the driver on the Internet is also recommended to use this dell recovery disk smaller hard drive method to install faster. Generally, the green driver package must be decompressed and decompressed dell recovery from external hard drive first. Go to your frequently used location for easy positioning during installation.