First aid plan after mass production failure of external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

26 2021-08-20 05:30

  My friend often stabilises after the failure of mass production of external drives.

  It's the 4G how to reformat hard drive with windows 8.1 recovery drive Kingston DataTraveler G2, the yellow push-pull one.

  The main control chip inside is SSS6690, and how to remkce recovery partitions when formattingan old hard drive the flash memory chip is TH58NVG5T2ETA20 from TOSHIBA.(This is what I saw after opening the external how to remove a recovery partition from a hard drive hard drive)

  Although the mass production failed, after plugging in the external hard drive, I can how to remove a recovery partition on a hard drive hear the sound of "Ding Dong", and it can also be seen in "My Computer"-"Properties"-"Device Manager", how to remove hard drive is full from recovery partition but in my But I can't see the drive letter of the external drive in my computer. ["Another situation how to remove hard drive is full message recovery partition is: Although mass production failed, there are two discs, one is the CD that you want to mass how to remove recovery partition from hard drive windows 10 produce, and the other is the USB. But what is the CD? Nothing".Or the capacity of the external hard how to remove recovery partition from hard drive windows 7 drive does not match, and the "Quick Expansion Test" with mydisktest software prompts "the disk has a how to remove recovery partition from hard drive windows 8 problem", etc.

  1.First, open the FlashSort_MP_6690_V4025-trial-2 program in the folder of Xinchuang how to remove system recovery partition from my external hd SSS6690_V4025 in the computer.

  2.Then, disassemble the external drive, short-circuit the 29 and how to remove the recovery partition on a hard drive 30 pins of the flash memory chip, keep it, and then insert the external drive into the computer, how to remove virus from hard drive and data recovery then FlashSort_MP_6690_V4025-trial-2 will recognize the external drive you inserted (this screenshot how to reset pc without usb drive or recovery disc is After the external drive is restored, I think of the screenshot from writing this post. It may be how to restore windows 10 from backup usb recovery drive a little different from before the external drive has been restored, but generally, the prompt will how to restore windows 8 1 from usb recovery drive be the same.), and then click "Settings" on the right side of the interface.

  3.Enter the "Settings" how to retrieve a hex value from an external file interface, and modify according to the circled red box in the picture, and the others will remain how to retrieve all files on a computer via usb unchanged. After the modification is completed, press the "Confirm" button below.

  4. After confirming, how to retrieve backup files from seagate external hard drive return to the interface in step 2, click "start" on the right to resume mass production.After how to retrieve curropted files on an external hard drive waiting patiently for a short period of time, the original external drive with inconsistent capacity how to retrieve deleted files from a usb flash drive or other problems will be restored to its original state.!!

  The first step of this method is to how to retrieve deleted files from external hard drive mac find a mass production tool suitable for the external drive to be restored. The tools mentioned above how to retrieve deleted files from usb because of virus have tried many versions and found that they can make 4G Kingston DataTraveler G2, SSS6690 master, how to retrieve deleted files from usb flash drive free TOSHIBA flash memory chip, D3.Mass production tools successfully restored.