[Fixed] external hard drive cannot be ejected for how to set the external hard drive to be unplugged without ejecting it [Win11 Solutions]

35 2021-08-20 05:10

  What to do if the external drive can't be ejected?How to set the external drive to be unplugged fix usb without formatting partition recovery without ejecting it?

  The external drive can't be ejected is a problem that users often encounter. It flash custom recovery without usb debugging is either that it is occupied by the external drive and can't be ejected, or the hardware can't be flash drive recovery usb not recognized safely removed. Even if the user uses the power of the universal volume, it still can't be closed. flashing recove whe usb debugging disabled In fact, as long as we can confirm that the files in the external drive are not Occupy the external flashing recovery when usb debugging disabled hard drive, we can set the external hard drive to be unplugged without ejecting it. USB home

  How to flat free data recovery hard drive solve the problem through the deletion strategy when the external drive can't be ejected?

  1. flat free hard drive data recovery Right-click properties in "My Computer", and then open "Device Manager"; external hard drive Home

  2. format a hard drive for recovery In the device list, find the "disk drive", click open, then you will see the external drive you format corrupted hard drive then recovery inserted, right-click on the external drive name to open the property page; the home of the external format dell recovery usb r7tgr a01 drive

  3. Click the "Strategy" tab, at this time you will see a single-choice setting "Delete Strategy";

  4. format dell recovery usb windows 10 Select "Quick Delete" and click OK.In the future, you can directly use up the external hard format dell u3 8gdsts recovery usb drive and unplug it, without the need to delete it safely.

  Of course, this is also the reason why format external hard accidental recovery disk many users often encounter "cache write errors". If you often encounter "cache write errors", you can format hard drive from recovery disk also use this method to solve the problem.! USB home

  But if you want to have a better performance format hard drive from system recovery experience, you can also use "better performance" but the actual experience is not ideal.

  The format hard drive vista recovery disk above is about the deletion policy setting that the external hard drive can't be ejected. In fact, we format hard drive vista recovery partition also have the simplest and most effective solution, which is to restart the desktop and set the format hard drive with recovery partition explorer first in the process.exe is over, then click "File-New Task" at the top of the window, and then format usb drive for ps4 recovery enter "explorer.exe", compared to the above steps, it is more troublesome.

  What to do if the format usb drive for recovery key external drive can't be ejected?How to set the external hard drive without playing: