How to repair PNY X1 thin external hard drive without contact short circuit[Win11 Solutions]

29 2021-08-20 05:00

  My friend wants to buy a external drive as a system disk. I bought the X1 of PNY. After I got it, dell os recovery and restore usb key windows 8 I found that the main control was Huirong smi3254AE. After mass production, the reading and writing dell os recovery tool burning os to usb key speed dropped from 25/11 to 19/6, and it was up to you how to modify the mass production data. None dell os recovery tool keep saying usb external edited of the versions can restore the speed. Since it was bought on behalf of the system and used as a dell os recovery tool usb not working windows 7 system disk, it is not very sensitive to speed, so it counts.

  However, there was a tragedy. After a dell os recovery tool usb selected boot device failed mass production failure, the disc was no longer recognized, so the dead horse took off the short circuit dell recovery & restore usb stuck on splash screen so that the mass production tool was re-identified.

  But after taking it apart, I was dell recovery partition how to create on hard drive dumbfounded:

  This thin external drive does not have two exposed metal contacts

  My heart was cold for a dell recovery usb 8.1 in spanish no english choice while, and I didn't know what to do for a while.

  However, after carefully observing the side of the dell reset to factory settings using dell recovery usb external drive, it was found that the non-character side had a faint serpentine line, and two of them dell usb recovery media cannot install windows to partition were connected to the tail of the external drive, forming two contact-mounted protrusions, bingo, dell usb recovery says partition is in wrong order the original contacts were under this one. ,Pick them away with a needle, and you can find 2 metal dell windows 10 recovery usb hangs at blue screen contacts (actually, you only need to open the last one. I didn't know at the time. I just opened one dell windows 10 recovery usb will not load inspiron and found that it was not, so I opened the latter one)

  Due to the limitations of photography dell windows 10 usb recovery and fully clean drive equipment, you can't really shoot that kind of serpentine line, but as long as you have this kind of dell windows 10 usb recovery and hard disk clean external drive, you can find out if you take a closer look.

  Then connect the rear contact to the ground denver data recovery hard drive raid floppy denver dat a and insert it into the usb port. The external drive will be recognized again, and the thing will desktop hard drive crashed no recovery disk windows 7 be saved.

  For the grounding method, for convenience, I used a USB extension cord. First, insert the dfl ddp data recovery equipment usb 3 0 price external drive into the extension cord, and then use scissors (metal) to touch the contact with one diagnostics for seagate dfs data recovery usb tool kit foot and connect it to the metal outside of the USB port. Keep this posture , Plug the extension did windows usb recovery drive and boot not there cord into the computer.

  Let's not talk about the mass production process. Everyone will do it. I hope difference between windows 10 recovery usb and install medi a to help you and treat more corpses.