Huirong SM3259AA external hard drive Mass Production Repair Tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

23 2021-08-20 04:30

  Huirong SM3259AA master control external hard drive also has related mass production tutorials windows 10 recovery usb media creation tool before, because this master control will use some expansion external hard drives, gift external hard windows 10 recovery usb new hard drive drives, and such external hard drives are easy to break, so mass production has become the only repair windows 10 recovery usb no reset option Way, the following will teach you how to repair this type of external hard drive.

  1. Download: windows 10 recovery usb not showing up chipgenius detection tool, check the external hard drive master control to make sure it is SM3259AA windows 10 recovery usb on a mac before using the following tutorial.

  2. Download: Computer Maintenance CD-[UEFI].iso

  3. Download: windows 10 recovery usb on another computer Huirong SM3259AA Black Disk external hard drive Mass Production Tool Dyna Mass Storage V15.12.16.21 windows 10 recovery usb on windows 8 (O1218), after decompression, there is a partition tool uDiskToolBar- in the [UFD_Tool] folder.exe

  windows 10 recovery usb one for all  4. A external drive of any brand of Huirong chip.The quality is too bad, it turned into a [brick] windows 10 recovery usb plain blue screen before.The external hard drive drive letter can be seen in the resource manager, after double-clicking, windows 10 recovery usb recover windows 10 it will prompt [Please insert the disk], and the capacity in the attribute is 0. Let's repair this windows 10 recovery usb repair your computer external hard drive and make a USB-CDROM system boot disk by the way.

  Second, the partition tool windows 10 recovery usb stuck on logo uDiskToolBar-.exe to make CD-ROM boot disk [make in win10]

  Run uDiskToolBar-.exe, select the icon windows 10 recovery usb surface pro 3 of the CD-ROM drive in the software operation interface to make a CD-ROM bootable disk, and select windows 10 recovery usb surface pro 4 [Computer Maintenance CD-[UEFI] for ISO file.iso] see figure.

  After the production is successful, windows 10 recovery usb trackid sp 006 there is only one CD-ROM drive in the explorer, and the other normal partition can't be seen.But it windows 10 recovery usb used other computers can be detected in the partition tool.So select [Single Partition] in the tool and restore the external windows 10 recovery usb using windows 7 drive again. Unfortunately, an error is displayed and the external drive is dead again, the same windows 10 recovery usb vs system image as before.If a dead horse is a living horse doctor, let's mass produce.

  3. Mass-produce a normal windows 10 recovery usb will reinstall windows partition first [Made in XP]

  Double-click SMIMPTool32.exe, click set→password is empty, directly windows 10 recovery usb with safe mode click OK→set→select NDefault.INI→According to the test result of external hard drive→Set VID, PID→Save windows 10 recovery usb without losing dat a as [4-a removable disk after modification.INI], click start after selection, wait slowly, about 1 windows 10 recovery usb without media creator hour.But the high grid fails → the low grid succeeds.

  4. Mass production of a CD-ROM drive and a windows 10 recovery usb without system files removable disk [Made in XP]

  See the attachment for specific settings [5- CD-ROM drive + removable windows 10 recovery usb without windows 10 disk.INI], wait.Successful!!!

  1. Turn off anti-virus software before mass production, mass production windows 10 recovery usb won t boot tools will be destroyed by it.

  2. It is best to make in XP or win7, most of the mass production windows 10 recovery when usb drive attched tools support XP.

  3. Gaoge is easy to fail.Low standard is easy to succeed.

  Summary: If the windows 10 recovery won t recognize usb external drive is broken, it can be repaired with mass production tools. Even if the flash drive is not windows 10 reinstall recovery repair usb amazon recognized, there is no problem. Of course, the above tutorial has also made a boot disk in addition windows 10 repair boot usb recovery drive to repairing the external drive, so that the external drive has the normal storage function of the windows 10 replace hard drive recovery drive external drive. The function of starting the system is added, so that when the computer can't enter windows 10 restore point from usb recovery the system, you can use the external hard drive to start and then reinstall the system. This is a windows 10 system image recovery from usb very good function, and mass production is not too difficult.