[Fixed] external hard drive is poisoned Follow the steps below to recover the loss[Win11 Solutions]

19 2021-08-20 04:20

  After using a external drive in public places, such as printer rooms and school computer rooms, how to recover corrupted usb stick there is a high chance of getting a virus. Many friends don't know what to do after the external drive how to recover crashed hard drive is poisoned. The following is a more conventional external drive. Rescue steps after disk poisoning how to recover damaged hard drives to maximize your loss.

  Generally speaking, the most common one is that the personal folder in the how to recover data from hardrive external hard drive is hidden, and the virus is disguised as an exe virus, as shown below

  This how to recover data from usb kind of virus is not serious. Generally speaking, after cleaning with anti-virus software, it can show how to recover data hdd hardrive our hidden files and retrieve data.

  If it is a ransomware, all your personal files are encrypted. how to recover data on usb At this time, there is little hope to solve it. You can try your luck and find a special anti-ransomware how to recover dead usb drive tool to retrieve the data. Then no matter what we are It's the kind of external hard drive how to recover defective hard drive virus, we all have to follow the steps below.

  1. First of all, we determine whether our computer has how to recover deleted from usb been infected with the external hard drive virus. In this case, even if we format the external hard how to recover deleted hard drive drive, once it is inserted into the infected computer, the virus will be infected again. Therefore, how to recover deleted usb partition after the external hard drive is poisoned, The first thing is of course to install anti-virus software. how to recover dell hard drive First of all, we use 360 Security Guard to be more reliable. It still has a good set of external how to recover encrypted hard drive hard drive viruses, which can generally kill cleanly.

  Of course, in addition to 360, you can also how to recover erased hard drive use special anti-virus software for external drives, such as USB Killer, an anti-virus expert for how to recover external hard disc external drives, which is also an anti-virus software that recognizes more external drives. These tools how to recover external hard disk are free. We will take some time to scan our external drives. Disk, and the main location of our how to recover external hard drive computer, so that the external hard drive virus will be cleaned first, and then let's see if the how to recover failed hard drive external hard drive data is still there.

  2. After the external hard drive virus is cleaned up by how to recover failed usb drive anti-virus software, if we are a hidden original file virus that pretends to be an exe, we can set it to how to recover faulty hard drive show the hidden external hard drive file. The method is

  Open any folder, then click Tools-Folder how to recover files corrupted usb option, as shown below

  Then click View-uncheck Hide protected operating system files, select Show how to recover files from esdusb hidden files, folders and drives, as shown below.

  Then we open the external hard drive to see if how to recover files from usb the data on our external hard drive is still there, but it is hidden.

  After retrieving the external how to recover formatted external drive hard drive data, we recommend backing up the data and formatting the external hard drive, so as to how to recover formatted hard drive ensure that the virus in the external hard drive is cleaned up.

  3. If the virus in you has deleted how to recover formatted usb files your external hard drive file, even if you have removed the virus by anti-virus, you can't use the how to recover full usb space above method to retrieve the data. At this time, you need to find a external hard drive data recovery how to recover hard disk drive software to try to recover the data. You can find a few more tools in the external hard drive data how to recover hard disk drivers recovery section of this site to try. Generally, they are free. If not, you can buy a paid one such how to recover hard drive externally as EasyRecovery to restore the data.

  Summary: After the external drive is poisoned, the above how to recover hard drive format standard steps can generally restore your losses to the greatest extent. Of course, we also recommend how to recover hard drive formatted that you do not plug the external drive into some public computers, so as to reduce the chance of how to recover hard drive information infection. You can also try this Antirun software for anti-virus processing, but this tool can only how to recover hard drive laptop prevent auto-playing virus infections, not other types of viruses.