How to add network authentication in Win11 computer [Win11 Solutions]

11 2021-08-20 03:40

  Network authentication is actually a way to verify whether the current user is using the computer recovery partition to install os on new hard drive under authorization. Its usual form is the interface shown in the figure below. This interface will recovery partition warning this area of your hard drive pop up on the screen, and then we need to input Account and password, you can continue to operate the recovery tool on your installation media disc or usb computer after being verified.However, many friends have found a problem, this thing does not seem recovery tools how large how large a usb needed to be in their computer, so does it mean that their computer has been in an insecure situationOf recovery usb drive not recognized in bios windows 8 course, whether the computer is safe or not is not explained by this factor, but if you want to add a recovery usb flash for acer iconia w510 windows 8 network identity verification to your computer, the editor can still help you!Next, let's see how I recovery usb stick windows 7 64 bit download android should do it!

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  1.First, we recovery usb windows 8 1 site www microsoft com need to press win+R on the keyboard at the same time to open the running window of the computer, and recovery usb with efi and sources folders and reagent.xml then enter regedit in the window and click Enter, so that the computer's registry editor window can recovery usb with system files in windows 10 pro be opened.

  2.In the opened registry editor window, we need to click to expand the recoverying a word document save from flashdrive to harddrive HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlLsa in the left menu, and then you can find Security Packages in the reformat a hard drive and it cannot be recovered right window, we double-click to open the item.

  3.After that, the window shown in the figure below reformat windows 8.1 laptop to my windows recovery usb will pop up, we see the numerical data below, we need to add a tspkg to it, and then click OK to reliable way to recover data on portable hard drive save.

  4.Finally, as in step 3, relocate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlServiceProvider, remove frp for android 6 0 thru usb recovery then double-click to open SecurityProviders, and add a ", credssp.dll".

  After setting, we remove recovery drive from local hard drive windows 10 need to restart the computer to take effect.