Yincan IS917D1 external hard drive mass production experience tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

31 2021-08-20 03:10

  external hard drive problem process: first use Lao Maotao to make a external hard drive startup cheapest data recovery software mac usb tool, Lao Maotao separates a 500M partition to put Lao Maotao's WinPE and other tools, use the external cheapest hard drive data recovery service hard drive to install the system, only need to copy the system ISO file into the external hard drive cheapest recovery software for hard drive , Start the computer and boot from the external hard drive, enter the WinPE system, use the cheapest single hard drive recovery solution installation tool inside to install the system.However, because the Linux system file is larger than 4G, cheapest way to recover hard drive it is necessary to format the partition where the remaining space of the external hard drive is located chicago data recovery external hard drive in NTFS format. I use the disk management that comes with the system (Win10) to format it, and chip de usb recovery deleted file the result is "formatting can't be completed successfully". Formatting will not work. Since then, the chip genius usb flash repair tool file system format of the external drive has become RAW format, which means that the system can't chrombook os recovery usb erase tool recognize the file system of the external drive.

  Try the repair process:

  1. First try to use DG chrome app wont write recovery usb to retrieve the lost partition to repair the external hard drive, only part of the partition is found, chrome os cannot create recovery usb but the result fails

  2. Embark on the road to mass production

  The external hard drive becomes, chrome os insert recovery usb stick right-click the property, display 0 bytes, double-click under Win10 system to prompt "please insert chrome os recovery not recognizing usb the disk into the removable disk"

  Under XP system, sometimes it prompts "please insert the disk chrome os recovery usb not working into the removable disk", and sometimes you can click into it, but the right-click properties all show chrome os recovery usb stick download 0 bytes.

  And after mass production, I found that the external hard drive does not display the chrome password recovery for external drive disk file system as RAW in the disk management, so it can't be seen directly.

  Before mass production:

  After chrome recovery utility wont make usb mass production fails:

  In fact, various repair tools have been used before mass production chrome web store recovery usb download or after mass production failed, and the external drive can't be repaired.

  Some tools are found chromebook create recovery usb how long in the process of mass production, so they are used after mass production.

  Kingston_Format_Utility chromebook does not recognize recovery usb can't detect the external drive

  Usboot.zip can detect the external hard drive, all operations can chromebook goes black with recovery usb not open the external hard drive

  AI_Partition_V2.0.0.3.zip can't detect the disk

  EasyRecovery6 chromebook not working after recovery usb .twenty two.The zip data can't be recovered because the external hard drive can't be detected

  Mass chromebook recovery media for usb stick production process:

  A. Determine the main control model and flash memory

  Tool: ChipGenius V4.00 chromebook recovery not writing to usb --external hard drive chip inspection tool

  My external hard drive master is Qunchan's IS917-D1, chromebook recovery usb creator with windows and the flash memory number is: 454C8693

  B. Use Quncan IS917 mass production tools

  This model has chromebook recovery utility windows 10 usb two mass production tools, one is white film mass production tool, the other is black film mass chromebook recovery with usb to ethernet production tool, I don't know if mine is white or black.The website of the download tool explained that chromebook says insert recovery usb stick the tool only supports XP system, but I don't have XP system on hand, so I had to use it on Win10 chromebook usb boot to recover files first (Later, no matter if I use VM to install XP sp3 for mass production or physical machine to install cisco ise 2.2 password recovery usb XP sp3 for mass production, the tool Still prompt the same error)

  White film tool: Yincan IS91 cisco nexus kickstart recovery with usb 7 mass production tool v2.11.00.76 V103_05_ Download version v2.11.00.76(2014/05/29)

  Black film clean room hard drive recovery cost tool: Innostor_IS917LFA_MPTool1.0.0.109 Download version v1.0.0.109 (2014/09/23)

  First use the white clicking external hard drive data recovery chip tool to detect the external hard drive, but the tool does not recognize the type of flash clicking hard drive data recovery cost memory.

  Tip: This flash not support.(No screenshot, because I solved this problem according to the clicking hard drive data recovery software online tutorial later, the above screenshot is a screenshot of normal detection).

  Since the white film clicking hard drive repair data recovery can't recognize the flash, I switch to the black film tool. The black film tool can detect the clicking laptop hard drive data recovery external hard drive and recognize the flash memory normally. The flash memory number is correct, but the clicking sound hard drive data recovery flash memory model is wrong.

  It shows as SDIN7DU2_16G, and my external drive uses the chip to clicking sound in hard drive recovery detect it is SDTNQFCMA-016G,

  Later, I opened the external drive, and it was written on the Flash chip clicking sound on hard drive recovery that it was SDIN8DE4_16G, and the flash memory number was correct, so I didn't care about that much, clone hard drive with recovery partition so I used it first.

  According to the online configuration, select black film, low-level formatting, clone internal hard drive bay recovery full scan 3, normal detection.

  After a long wait (32G external hard drive, more than 1 hour), clone mac hard drive recovery partition a green font prompt finally appeared, thinking that it was successful.

  It turns out that there is clone macbook hard drive in recovery no cancellation of the option of "Scan only without opening the card" in the settings, that is to clone recovery partition to usb mac say, there is no card opening, so I canceled the check and restarted.

  After a long wait, the red clone sierra recovery drive to usb font prompts:

  CH0 3108/3108,3108/3108,

  Fail: NAND scan error of initial defective block

  Later, I cloning hard drive with recovery partition also tried to modify the settings and try again, such as: changing to white film or changing to closest hard drive recovery to me advanced formatting or scanning level to other or scanning mode to other. After many times of waiting cnet best hard drive recovery software for more than an hour, it still prompts an error, one One kind of error is Fail: NAND scanning initial combate s le recovery via usb defective block error, another kind of hint is Fail: sorting too many bad blocks. Innostor MPInfo, command partition recovery bootable usb free a mass production information query tool with the black film tool belt.The exe has not been able to command prompt windows 10 recovery usb detect my external hard drive, so I can't see the number of bad blocks. Later, I changed to XP system command to recover files from usb Innostor MPInfo.The exe can detect the external hard drive, but there is an error when reading it, command to retrieve files from usb so I have not seen how many bad blocks are.Later, I switched to the white film mass production tool. comment creer usb recovery windows 10 The white film tool can read the mass production information. It was found that there were 99 bad companies that recover dead hard drives blocks in the original factory, and no new bad blocks were added.Since it turns out that all bad company recover crashed hard drive dat a blocks can be produced, it should not be the bad blocks that caused mass production to be unsuccessful.

  The compaq presario cq61 bios recovery usb black film tool was unsuccessful, so I had to seek the help of the white film tool again.

   compaq presario recovery usb free download First, solve the problem that flash memory is not recognized, refer to the tutorial: Yincan IS916EN/ compaq recovery disk new hard drive IS902 mass production does not recognize flash memory mass production failure, the perfect solution compare cheapest hard drive data recovery tutorial

  Solution: The black chip tool can recognize the flash memory, but the white chip tool completely free external hard drive recover can't. Follow the tutorial to copy the flash memory related configuration of the black chip tool to the completely free hard drive recovery software configuration of the white edge tool.Then the flash memory can be recognized.

  Errors caused by computer forensics hard drive recovery journal multiple attempts to use the white film tool, such as erasing flash memory and retrying after strong computer hard drive crash data recovery erasing

  1. "Can't get Diskletter!"Resolved by assigning a drive letter

  2. TestFormat fail! Had to computer hard drive recovery flash drive cancel the formatting option first

  3. After Boot FW Fail is strongly erased, this will appear. computer hard drive recovery near me After it appears, the system can't recognize the external hard drive, only short-circuit the Flash to computer hard drive recovery omaha ne make the external hard drive re-recognized

  4. Check busy after TestGetMap Step! If you get to this computer hard drive recovery pittsburgh p a farthest you will fail

  I've tried all the IS917 tools that can be downloaded on the Internet. I connection failed limited by usb key tried it on the Win10 system, installed XP on the virtual machine, and then I tried to install XP on contents of windows 10 recovery usb the host, but they all failed. , The error message is the same.

  Now the external hard drive becomes contents of windows 20 recovery usb as follows, IS917-D1 becomes IS917-D0-Run the ROM code: