Why is the external hard drive running too slow for how to fix[Win11 Solutions]

27 2021-08-20 02:30

  Sometimes when we use the external hard drive, the running speed is too slow. If we exclude the mac hard drive recovery external quick drill infection of computer viruses and the quality of the external hard drive itself, it may be because the mac hard drive recovery software for pc function of "open write cache after opening" in the system is not turned on when using the external mac hard drive recovery software for windows hard drive.Let's talk about the specific method of opening the write cache:

  Take the xp system as mac os 10.5.8 recovery disc in usb an example (win7 system, right-click "My Computer", select "Properties→Performance→File System→Removable mac os external hard drive data recovery Disk", check the box before enabling the "Write Cache" dialog box), under WinXP By opening "My mac os lion recovery usb windows 10 Computer", select the removable disk.

  Select "Properties" to pop up the properties dialog box of mac os recover partition on usb drive the external hard drive. USB home

  Click on the "Hardware" tab. USB home

  Then select the disk mac os recovery on external hard drive drive where the flash memory is located, and click "Properties".

  Click on the "Strategy" tab,

  Select mac os sierra recovery usb on catalin a the "Optimize for performance" dialog box and click OK. external hard drive Home

  Similarly, mac os x 10 9 recovery usb it is also very important to pay attention to careful maintenance during use.For example, never pull mac os x boot from usb recovery out the external drive when the indicator light of the external drive is flashing fast, because the mac os x hard drive data recovery external drive is reading or writing data at this time, and pulling out in the middle may cause damage mac os x hard drive recovery software to the hardware and data.In addition, do not close related programs immediately after backing up mac os x lion recovery disk usb the files, because the indicator light on the external hard drive is still flashing at that time, mac os x lion recovery usb download indicating that the program has not completely ended. Pulling out the external hard drive at this time mac os x lion recovery usb drive will easily affect the backup.Therefore, after the files are backed up to the external hard drive, mac os x recover data hard drive the related programs should be closed after some time to prevent accidents. USB home

  Of course there mac os x recover formatted hard drive are many ways to fix it, so you might as well try this method. USB home

  Why is the external hard mac os x recovery new hard drive drive running too slow.How to fix?: