How to make two Firefly 16G into IS903 writeprotected 32G external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

25 2021-08-20 02:00

  Because Lexar's Firefly 16G external hard drive is cheap, and the flash memory is MLC, but there recover hard drive from dead ipad is no write protection function, and 16G is not enough, so I thought of buying 2 16G to synthesize a recover hard drive from dead laptop 32G external hard drive with write protection. So netizen aping365 bought an IS903 main control board recover hard drive from dead pc with write protection function to complete this synthesis. In general, the Lexar flash memory was recover hard drive from dell laptop removed and soldered to the is903 board, and then the new mass production card was opened. , There recover hard drive from failed cpu is no technical content, let's tell you the next steps and test the performance of the merged external recover hard drive from mac terminal hard drive.

  Two Lexar Firefly 16G and IS903 write-protected main control boards and gold-plated recover hard drive in win 10 USB3.Group photo of 0 plugs:

  Kit bought online, IS903 write-protected main control board and gold- recover hard drive linux live cd plated USB3.0 plug:

  First connect USB3.0 The plug is soldered to the main control board:

  Use a recover hard drive mac os x heat gun to disassemble the firefly and remove the flash memory:

  Finally, solder two pieces of flash recover hard drive mbr and partition memory to the IS903 write protection main control board:

  A flash memory on one side, so it's recover hard drive non operational macbook 32G.

  The following steps to open the card for mass production:

  After checking the virtual soldering recover hard drive partition windows 7 of Wulian Tin, insert the external drive into the computer's U port, and mass-produce software IS90 recover hard drive seagate data recovery 3 V2.11.02.The 11 version was recognized normally and successfully mass-produced:

  The mass production recover hard drive space from virtualbox settings are basically default, and the detection information of the software chipgenius after recover hard drive space windows 7 plugging in the external hard drive:

  It can be seen that it is already a dual-channel 32G, inherited recover hard drive that requests initalizaton from Lexar's MLC flash memory, the speed will certainly not be slow, the following speed recover hard drive that requests initialization measurement.

  Using HD TUNE software to test.

  86M/S for reading and 42M/S for writing, which is good.

  In recover hard drive that won& 39 order to be accurate, use Txbench to check the speed below:

  Basically the test speed is similar recover hard drive that won't mount to the above test. Both are reading large files at 89M/S and writing at 42M/S. Compared with the SK62 recover hard drive that won't register 21 main control board, there is not much difference, but the 4K performance is significantly worse, recover hard drive to original state which is not in the same order of magnitude.

  Let's test USB2 again.Speed at 0:

  Compared with SK6 recover hard drive toshiba w35dt a3300 221, it is a bit slower, writing large files is about 31M/S, and small files is about 29M/S, but the recover hard drive usb drive program 4K performance is also much worse, which is not in the same order of magnitude.

  Finally, use urwtest recover hard drive usb thumb drive to pass the integrity test, the capacity is no problem, you can use it with confidence:

  At this recover hard drive will not open point, two Lexar Fireflies are perfectly transformed into IS903 write-protected external drives, recover hidden data usb flash drive which is equivalent to using two very cheap 16G external drives + the bought and cheap IS903 main recover hidden files from usb drive control board, and synthesize a 32G with writing A external drive that protects large files and reads recover hidden files in hard drive and writes at high speed is still very worthwhile.