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  PNY Hooke Disk is a creative external drive. Compared with many integrated external hard drive hard drive or external disk recovery software hetman products on the market, the unique hook head design of the Hooke Disk industry has set off a wave of hard drive password recovery software for flash drive popularity in the market.Nowadays, PNY Hooke disc has been upgraded again, with the introduction of hard drive portable recovery software free download bootable Transformers Hooke disc, and the creativity changes according to your heart.The shape of the PNY hard drive recovery do they look at everything transformer plate is similar to the original Hooke plate, with a unique hook design on the top.In particular, hard drive recovery do they look at images this time this is a 180-degree rotating hook, which is a re-evolution product of the best-selling hard drive recovery does not show free program Hooke plate.Let's take a closer look.

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  The PNY transformer plate is different from the fixed-type Hooke plate. The transformer plate hard drive recovery from external harddrive san francisco uses a movable joint, which allows the hook head to rotate 90 degrees front and back. The joint hard drive recovery only look in one folder design with well-controlled tightness can also keep the hook head suspended. A certain angle, showing hard drive recovery process has been selected toshib a different posture changes, just like a robot toy, very interesting. USB home

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  In addition, the transformer plate is also made of stainless steel, hard drive recovery process has been selected 鏉辫姖 but it is innovative in design.Different from the champagne-colored Hooke plate with a fogged hard drive recovery process toshiba what is it surface, the Transformer plate is made of shiny steel with a slight black and gold luster, which will hard drive recovery service on orange ave orlando reflect the charming metallic luster with the change of angle.The plate body uses the regular lines hard drive recovery service salt lake city utah processed by die-casting technology to make the texture more solid, highlighting the distinctive rugged hard drive recovery software free download windows 7 structure design, and the exquisite product detail design, which is believed to be sought after by hard drive recovery stellar phoenix mac data recovery men's users.Among the many metal or stainless steel external drives on the market, PNY Transformers hard drive recovery that can recover psd files is the most popular external drive.

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  The PNY transformer plate has hard drive recovery the device is not ready the same portability as the Hooke plate. A cylindrical plug is designed under the hook. When the hard drive recovery tool stuck on loading screen object is hooked, the plug can be pulled out. After the hook is hooked, the plug is reset and the hook hard drive recovery usb takes forever to load head is closed. State, there is no need to worry about the falling of the external hard drive at all, hard drive recovery wed my book for mac and it is also convenient for users to hang on their belongings or bags to carry.PNY's unique hook hard drive recovery with it being password protected design is indeed a major innovation.Following the design of the Hooke plate to the new Transformer hard drive repair and recovery command line sof plate, it makes people miss Hooke and feel a surprise at the same time. USB home

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  The external hard drive size of the PNY Transformers Disk is 47.7x13.9x4.5mm, weight hard drive repair and recovery in houston texas is 8.78g.In terms of capacity, PNY Transformers Disk provides you with five capacity specifications, hard drive repair data recovery and computer repair 4G/8G/16G/32G/64G, to meet the needs of different users.In terms of performance, it is reported that hard drive retrieval of lost deleted files xp the 4G/8G capacity of the PNY transformable Hooke disk has a write speed of 8MB/S and a read speed hard drive short dst check failed data recovery of up to 24MB/S.The writing speed of 16G/32G capacity is 10MB/S, and the writing speed can reach hard drive siezed spindle any way to recover 32MB/S.Very strong performance.The PNY transformer plate has passed the seven-level waterproof test, hard drive turned into recovery disk lost 400gv which reflects the high professional standard of PNY.The still strong five-year warranty makes us believe hard drive wiped how to recover windows 10 in the PNY brand. external hard drive Home

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