How to use GHOST to manually backup and restore the system with detailed graphic tutorials[Win11 Solutions]

22 2021-08-20 01:20

  For ordinary users, they only use the partition backup function in GHOST, so only the partition delete recovery partition on old hard drive backup part will be explained here.

  1 Deal with the work before packaging as mentioned above (the deleted file recovery from external hard drive system condition is best to drive, install the relevant software, install it, clean up junk files, check deleted files from hardrive recover mac os the disk, and defragment the disk.) After restarting, quickly press F8 to enter the DOS interface deleted files on usb need to recover and run G.exe

  2 Note: If you want to use the backup partition function (such as backing up C drive), deleted image recovery from external drive mac there must be more than two partitions (at least two CD partitions) and the capacity of C drive deleted photo recovery software for usb drive must be greater than the unused capacity of D drive (usually C drive is used) 2 GB, the D disk must dell backup and recovery can't find usb have more than 2 GB of space) Ensure that there is enough space on the D disk to store the image

  At dell backup and recovery external hard drive the same time, you try to install as little as possible on the main partition. Important software dell backup and recovery hard drive external is not very necessary. There are quite a lot of tool software (Kingsoft Translate Kingsoft PowerWord.) dell backup and recovery hard drive space that can be placed in the D drive, as long as you register it in the C drive. The image file dell backup and recovery new hard drive produced in this way will not be too big

  But necessary software or software with major security such dell backup and recovery not detecting usb as QQ MSN anti-virus software online games. Must be placed in the C drive

  3 After entering the GHOST dell backup and recovery not recognizing usb interface shown in Figure 1, because you can only use the keyboard to operate under DOS, press Enter dell backup and recovery usb not detected to enter the next interface

  4 Keyboard operation under DOS interface: TAB key to switch, enter dell backup and recovery usb won't load key to confirm, direction key to select

  Use the arrow keys to select as shown in Figure 2

  Select dell backup and recovery windows 10 usb the menu Local (local)-Partition (partition)-To Image (to mirror)

  In layman's terms, it is 1-2-2. dell backup and recovery windows 8 usb First select 1 and then select popup option 2 and then select popup option 2.

  5 After selecting, dell backup recovery copy external hard drive press Enter will appear as shown in Figure 3

  Select Hard Disk The first time here is the information dell bios recovery 2 encrypted hard drive of the first hard disk displayed

  If there are two hard disks, then press Enter, there will be dell bios recovery 2 from hard drive two hard disk information options, usually we only have one hard disk

  6 After selecting, press Enter dell boot from usb recovery fast blink and the next operation interface will appear as shown in Figure 4

  Select the partition to be dell chromebook 11 doesn't recognize recovery usb backed up, usually we choose the C drive, which is the system drive

  1 Select the partition (you can dell create recovery usb window 10 problem use the arrow keys to select up and down and select the item with TAB), usually the first one is the dell create system recovery usb flash drive C drive partition

  2 Select the partition and press Enter to confirm

  3 Click TAB and confirm again dell desktop xps bios recovery from usb and press Enter to indicate that it has been selected as the backup C drive. If you are not sure dell direct usb recovery key win 7 whether it is the backup C drive or not

  It is recommended that you check the size of your partitions dell factory recovery media external hard drive when you are in WINDOWS, and then compare them to know.

  Therefore, I learn from other people's dell inspirion 3558 recovery download to usb pictures, so you need to make a distinction.

  7 After selecting, press Enter will appear as shown in dell inspiron 15 2014 hard drive recovery Figure 5