Alternative Judgment Method of external hard drive Virus and Immunization Manual[Win11 Solutions]

15 2021-08-20 01:10

  Immunization steps:

  1,Format the external hard drive first

  2.Put the batch file on the root how to recover thunderbird emails after hard drive crash directory of the external drive

  The contents of the batch file are as follows:

  md external hard how to recover unallocated partition in external hard drive drive Immunization.", external drive home

  Tip: Write the above 3 lines of commands as a text document how to recover unallocated space on external hard drive and save as*.bat file, * is the file name and you just need to start one at will, put the saved how to recover unallocated space on usb flash drive file on the external drive.

  After running, an autorun will be generated on the external hard drive. how to recover undeleted files from old hard drive inf folder

  Function description: Home of external hard drive

  1.Autorun created.The inf folder is how to recover usb history in windows 8 1 considered to be an installation information file under the windows operating system.

  2.Which in how to recover usb partition table in windows 7 autorun.external hard drive created in inf is immune.The directory is not operable under the windows how to recover user data windows from hard drive operating system.

  The code uses these two points to make the virus program unable to write its own how to recover video files from external hard drive virus startup code in the root directory of the disk, and thus can't spread. external hard drive how to recover video files from formatted hard drive Home

  Due to the generated autorun.The inf folder can't be deleted directly, and an error will be how to recover video material from dish hard drive prompted when deleting, so the method to delete the immunization program is provided below. Use the USB how to recover virus infected files from hard drive home when immunization is not required

  rd external hard drive Immunization.\