[Fixed] SD card is damaged after the Huawei phone is upgraded[Win11 Solutions]

62 2021-08-19 23:10

  I believe that your Huawei mobile phone must encounter this kind of problem, whether it is Honor 6 recover boot partition external hard drive or Huawei P8, or Huawei maite7, whether it is in normal use or after the mobile phone upgrades the recover bricked omega onion usb driver system, what should I do if the SD card is damaged.

  There are three situations:

  First, the system recover broken exfernal hard drive info is upgraded. At this time, you should flash back to the old version of the system, or use the SD recover broken hard drive files cost card first, and wait for the system to be upgraded again before using it;

  Second, the sd card slot recover broken hard drive files software is loose, and the mobile phone sometimes has the problem of sd memory card slot loosening. As long recover browser passwords from hard drive as there is a bit of misalignment, the memory card will be damaged. At this time, try to remove it and recover certificates off external hard drive insert the card again.

  Third: The problem of the SD card itself, because the memory card will recover channel master external hard drive have broken pixels after being used for a long time, so it needs to be repaired with logic data, and recover chrome bookmarks from hard drive the data will be there.

  Because the general mobile phone SD card has a lot of games, photos, and recover chrome passwords from hard drive videos. If formatted, it takes a lot of time to upload. For example, the navigation map needs to be recover cmd run usb after deleting uploaded again, which is very troublesome.And some important information will be lost, is it very recover computer after hard drive crash distressed.

  So when the SD card is damaged, do not format the memory card again.

  [The repair method recover content external hard drive mac is as follows:]

  Take out the SD card from the phone first, then insert it into the card reader, recover contents of a hard drive connect it to the computer's USB port and plug it in. The computer prompts to format, click Cancel.Then recover contents of external hard drive use the tool in the properties-start checking.Found unable to check disk error.

  Click "Start Menu" recover corrupt word document on usb on the computer--"Run"-

  chkdskH:/F chuck letter, /F is the repair parameter.H is the drive letter, recover corrupted and unreadable hard drive if your external hard drive is G, enter G

  Then wait for the repair to complete, the DOS window recover corrupted external hard drive mac will automatically close.

  After the repair is complete, check the properties of the SD card and recover corrupted external hard drive ubuntu see if the display is normal.

  Then just plug in the phone;

  The above three conditions can be tested recover corrupted file in excel external one by one to solve the problem that the mobile phone's sd card is damaged and needs to be recover corrupted files from usb mac formatted.