How to make a bootable antivirus external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

17 2021-08-19 22:40

  At present, network viruses are very active, especially the local area network virus is more rampant. how to make recover keys usb As a unit network manager, he pays attention to the security of the network at all times. Once how to make recovery usb mac the virus causes a computer in the local area network to fail to start, the network manager acts like how to make surface recovery usb a firefighter. Appear there, restore the computer system.Although every computer has anti-virus how to make toshiba recovery usb software installed in advance, when the system fails to start, the anti-virus software in the system is how to make usb recovery drive often powerless.If you have a bootable anti-virus external hard drive at this time, you can use it how to make window10 recovery usb to effectively anti-virus on your computer, or you can use it to enter the system to safely transfer how to make windows recovery usb your data.Have the best of both worlds, just do what you say, and create your own bootable antivirus how to make xp recovery usb external drive.Two conditions are needed to make a bootable anti-virus external hard drive: one is how to put recovery on usb to realize the self-starting external hard drive after booting; the other is to have anti-virus how to recover 1tb hard drive function.

  1. Making a self-starting external drive:

  If the external drive you purchased is bootable, how to recover 500gb hard drive congratulations, this step can be omitted.But most external hard drives are non-bootable external how to recover a bent usb hard drives, and a small USBoot software must be downloaded to assist in implementation.

  Download how to recover a bootable usb the free version from this site, double-click to run "USBoot.exe" file, in the main interface of the how to recover a corrupted harddrive software in Figure 1, first select "Lenovo Flash Disk USB Drive." (Lenovo external hard drive),

  Then how to recover a corrupthard drive click the "Click here to select working mode" link, select "Guide Processing" in the pop-up menu how to recover a failed usb item, and finally click the "Start" button to start production. In the process of making a bootable how to recover a hard drive external drive, please pay attention to the right side of the "Start" button Prompt box, it will how to recover a sandisk usb prompt you to "unplug the external drive", and then "insert the external drive" operation, and finally how to recover a wiped usb prompt "bootable external drive made successfully!"" (Figure 2), complete the production of the how to recover an external hdd guided external hard drive.Note: At this time, it is not a real self-starting external drive. It needs how to recover an unreadable usb the assistance of your computer. Start the computer and press the "Del" key to enter the CMOS. In the how to recover bad usb flash "Advanced Bios Features", select "Boot service select" The parameter is set to "USB HDD", save and how to recover bios from usb exit CMOS, restart the computer, how about, a self-starting external hard drive is completed.

  USBoot how to recover broken hard drive software main interface

  2. Self-starting external hard drive has anti-virus function:

  At how to recover chromebook from usb present, many famous anti-virus software have the function of making anti-virus external drives, which how to recover chromebook with usb brings great convenience for users to make anti-virus external drives. Let's take the two most popular how to recover chromebook without usb anti-virus software Rising and Jiang Min as examples to introduce anti-virus external drives. The how to recover cleaned hard drive production process.

  1. Rising Antivirus Software 2006 Edition

  (1) Rising antivirus software how to recover clicking hard drive version 2006 has been installed in the system, click "Start → Programs → Rising Antivirus Software → how to recover computer with usb Rising Tools → Rising external hard drive Antivirus Tool" menu item, follow the creation , select how to recover corrupt usb drive "external hard drive Drive", copy the virus database To the external hard drive to complete.

  If the how to recover corrupted fusb files system can't be started due to a virus, you can start it with antivirus first, and then call the latest how to recover corrupted hard drive virus database on the external hard drive to check and kill the system virus.

  2. Jiangmin Antivirus how to recover corrupted usb drive Software 2005 Version (1) Run Jiangmin antivirus software in the system, click "Tools→Make DOS how to recover corrupted usb stick Antivirus Companion", and in the popup "Jiangmin Antivirus Software Disk Creation Tool" window, write how to recover crashed hard drive "Write Target" After designated as the external hard drive drive letter, click the "Start" button how to recover damaged hard drives to complete the production.

  The anti-virus external hard drive made with Jiangmin anti-virus software how to recover data from hardrive is different from the Rising anti-virus external hard drive. KVDOS can be run under DOS without how to recover data from usb the need of booting the CD.exe file for antivirus.Among them, the F3 key is an antivirus shortcut how to recover data hdd hardrive key.

  Create your own self-starting anti-virus external hard drive to ensure system security and how to recover data on usb stability.