[Fixed] USB drive does not display the drive letter [Win11 Solutions]

12 2021-08-19 22:00

  A friend encountered a external drive and suddenly the computer didn't recognize it, and the drive recover files from formatted usb drive letter was not displayed directly. One is whether you insert the external drive to the computer recover files from fried hard drive whether there is a prompt to find new hardware, or whether the computer has a Ding Dong sound prompt to recover files from frozen hard drive insert the device, if it does, it means that your external drive is still saved, if not, you have recover files from hard drive failure to rule out whether it is yours If it's a computer problem, try another computer. If it's still the recover files from hard drive formatted same, it's more difficult to short-circuit the external drive.

  The following is an example of a recover files from hard drive free simple solution when the external drive is plugged into the computer and there is response but no display. recover files from hard drive freeware Of course, there is still a chance of success. Good luck:

  Method 1: Right-click "Computer" and recover files from hard drive linux select the "Management" item from the pop-up menu.

  In the opened "Computer Management" window, recover files from hard drive osx expand the "Storage" -> "Disk Management" item.

  Right-click the USB drive letter that can't be displayed recover files from hard drive pasaden a normally, and select "Change Drive and Path".

  Then assign an unoccupied drive letter to the recover files from hard drive problems current external hard drive.

  Method 2: We can also modify the registry to display the external hard recover files from hard drive reddit drive drive letter.

  Open the "Run" dialog box, enter "regedit" to enter the registry program.

  Expand recover files from hard drive redit "HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciesExplorer" in turn and delete recover files from hard drive ubuntu the "Nodrives" key value.

  Method 3: There is also a very simple way to implement it, which is to use recover files from hard drive usb "USB monitoring software" to bring the external hard drive drive back to life.Friends who need it recover files from hard drive utah can click here to get the download of "Tai Shi Zhi USB Monitor".

  Run the software, check the "Disable recover files from hard drive windows USB storage device" item.

  Then check the "Enable USB storage device" item again to display the recover files from hp hard drive USB drive letter.

  Method 4: If none of the above methods work, this is the most promising method, recover files from imac hard drive that is, mass production repair method

  The general process is to first insert the external hard recover files from inaccessible hard drive drive and then download chipgenius to detect what the external hard drive master control is. For recover files from internal hard drive example, chipgenius shows that the master control is Anguo

  As shown in the above picture, it is controlled recover files from kingston usb drive by Anguo AU6983 or AU6986, then go to the mass production tool catalog of this site to download recover files from laptop hard drive the corresponding version of Anguo AU6983, AU6986 mass production tools, how to choose the version. recover files from linux hard drive Download the latest one, try more, choose a good mass production tool, search for the mass production recover files from locked hard drive tutorial of this tool on this site, and repair your external drive.

  Of course, since you choose recover files from mac hard drive this method, it means that your external hard drive is broken, and the data in it is definitely out recover files from mac usb drive of play, or you can use the external hard drive data recovery software on this site to restore it recover files from macbook hard drive before mass production, and then restore it. Select mass production tools and mass production repairs. recover files from mcafee encrypted usb