Use EasyRecovery to recover files in formatted partition[Win11 Solutions]

32 2021-08-19 21:10

  The partition is formatted by mistake, the data is very important.In the past, we had to manually how to recover windows system from corrupted hard drive recover the data after formatting, but we are not professionals. We can't do anything. Now we can do how to recover windows xp key from hard drive it with fool-like recovery software. It only takes a few steps to download the easyrecovery green how to recover your hp computer using a harddrive version to recover the files that were formatted by mistake. can be completed.Let's download the how to recovery 32 bit windows 10 with usb easyrecovery green version software first and follow the tutorial below to recover the data.

  1. Run the how to recovery data from a dead hard drive easyrecovery green version, select the data recovery project in the software interface, and select how to recovery file from hard drive site the format recovery button in this project (its function is to recover files from a formatted how to recovery hard drive if wiped out windows partition).

  2. In the newly-appearing interface, select the wrongly formatted partition, and then select how to reformat a hard drive from recovery software the previous system format of the wrongly formatted partition. Now it is generally FAT32 and NTFS how to reinstall windows 10 from a recovery usb format. Click "Next" after selecting it.

  3. After clicking, the easyrecovery green version software how to reinstall windows 10 from usb recovery drive will start to scan the files, the speed is not bad, wait for the end of the scan.

  4. After the how to reinstall windows 10 recovery from usb download scan is completed, we select the file to be recovered, you can select multiple, and then click "Next" how to reinstall windows 8 from usb recovery drive .

  5. In the new interface, let's select the directory where the recovered files will be saved, how to remove a recovery partition on external drive remember to put it in a larger partition, and confirm.The file starts to be restored. After the restoration how to repair bad sectors on usb flash drive is complete, a dialog box will pop up to display the file restoration summary. You can save or how to replace bad hard drive without recovery disc print it, and finally click "Finish".

  The green version of easyrecovery has many functions. It can how to reset my pc with a recovery usb not only recover files deleted by mistake and files formatted by mistake, but also restore Office how to restore windows 10 from usb recovery drive series documents for repair.Tip: Whether all data recovery can be successful, the key depends on whether how to restore windows 8 from usb recovery drive the data is overwritten. If it has been overwritten, it is impossible for any software to recover how to restore windows 8.1 from usb recovery drive all the data.