How to use external hard drive to flash BIOS under DOS system Tutorials[Win11 Solutions]

26 2021-08-19 21:00

  There are many benefits of flashing the BIOS under DOS with a external drive. For example, some asmt 2115 usb device wd drive recovery brothers will have a blue screen or crash under windows, boot into DOS with a CD, and can't see the asus bios recovery usb new boot option BIOS files on the NTFS hard disk by default, and some novices will not use basic ones. The cd command asus eee pc 1005ha recovery disk usb switches the path under dos.The key is that the current computer does not have a floppy drive. In asus eee pc recovery dvd to usb case the refresh fails, you can use a external hard drive (formatted into FDD format) to replace the asus eee pc recovery usb flash drive floppy drive for blind flashing, so it is strongly recommended that you use this method to refresh the asus eee pc system recovery usb disk bios.And all types of bios have refresh programs under dos!

  Take Biostar tf550 as an example asus i3 reboot x551c recovery usb download below

  1. Do not restart or power off when flashing the BIOS

  2. Please carefully check the suitable asus i3 x551c os recovery usb download BIOS before flashing the BIOS

  Although refreshing is dangerous, as long as you are bold and careful asus laptop x555la usb recovery windows 8 to pay attention to the precautions, then refreshing will be 100% successful.Even if it fails, it asus system recovery windows 7 from usb doesn't matter, you can try to use the original BIOS to blindly flash.

  Preparation tools:

  external asus x550c recover data from hard drive hard drive (smaller capacity is more suitable) I forgot to tell everyone that SD card, MMC card, average cost data recovery external hard drive TF card, SD card holder, and card reader can be used as a bootable external hard drive

  Download the back up hard drive from windows recovery BIOS (the version that matches you)

  1.First insert the external hard drive into the computer, and backup and restore windows 7 recovery usb then run "USBOOT"

  2.A warning window pops up, don't worry about it, press "OK"

  3.Choose your backup exec system recovery not recognizing usb external drive

  4. Click the mouse in "click here to select working mode" and select "FDD mode" (Zip backup files windows recovery to hard drive mode can also be used, of course, FDD mode is recommended), please select HDD mode for external backup hard drive windows 10 recovery environment drives over 128M.Otherwise it can't be formatted.

  5.After setting, click the "Start" button according best absolutely free hard drive recovery software to the prompt

  6.The warning window comes again, continue to ignore him, press "OK"

  7.Prompt to best and fastest hard drive recovery software format the external hard drive, select "Yes"

  8.You will be prompted to pull out the external hard best buy cost to recover hard drive drive on the way, and you will be asked to connect it again after pulling out according to the best buy external hard drive data recovery prompt.

  9 until prompted to boot the external drive successfully made

  10.Then put "up.BAT" (batch best buy geek squad hard drive recovery processing corresponding to the refresh command, different types of bios are different), "AWDFLASH.exe" best buy hard drive data recovery service (refresh program, different types of bios are different) and "N5TAAB16.Bin" (bios file) is copied best buy recover files from hard drive to the external hard drive,

  Restart the computer, the current BIOS version can be seen in the self- best companies for hard drive data recovery check information, press the "F9" key, the quick boot setting window will pop up

  11.There are two best data recovery for broken hard drive types of "Quick Boot Settings Window", one is as shown in the figure, select "Removable" (if USBOOT best data recovery for external hard drive previously selected ZIP mode, the external drive may recognize the HARD DISK, pay attention to work best data recovery for usb flash drive around, the other will be below Mentioned)

  12.Then it will recognize your external drive and enter best data recovery from external hard drive DOS after a while

  13.Boot to DOS as shown in the figure, it is really pure DOS, without any driver best data recovery from raw hard drive loaded

  14.Type up.bat (Enter) patiently wait for the refresh to complete.

  After completion, the best data recovery mac external hard drive program will prompt you to press F1 to restart the computer and end the refresh process

  Restart best data recovery services for hard drive the computer and press the DEL key to enter the CMOS and select the Load optimized defaults item, and best data recovery software bad hard drive enter Y to import the system BIOS optimization value