Colorful SSD SM2246XT master does not recognize the successful data recovery tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

33 2021-08-19 20:40

  The author is a very tossing player. In order to recover flash memory data, he bought a lot of more dell recovery windows 10 new hard drive expensive equipment, but the actual recovery ability is also very impressive, including flash memory dell request for windows 10 usb recovery data recovery.I have purchased the latest PC3000 FLASH 4 before.0 and flash extractor, but there dell server password changed no recover usb is a drawback that the multi-chip SSD needs to remove all the chips and read it again, which is dell updater package dell usb recovery tool troublesome and time-consuming.In order to solve this problem, a set of PC3000 PCIE with SSD version was dell usb recovery tool fails to install specially purchased. The advantage of this tool is that it can directly read the firmware and CE on dell usb recovery tool for windows 7 all channels through the master control and enable it to recognize the normal capacity and read the dell usb recovery tool install or extract data.

  A friend's Colorful 128G SSD did not recognize me and found me. I disassembled and took a dell wd hard drive delete recovery partition look at the main control-SM2246XT. The FLASH is Hynix's H27QDG8D2B8R, a single 16GB 1CE 16nm MLC 16K dell win 10 cannot create recovery usb page block 4M. It does not recognize it when it is connected to the computer. CP3000 keeps showing dell windows 10 pro os recovery usb busy and can't be ready.

  First connect the SSD without power, first short-circuit the ROM, and quickly dell windows 10 recovery media usb stick find the ROM position and short-circuit it, the hard disk is ready after power-on.

  Entering the dell windows 10 recovery usb not working SMI module, the main control information can be recognized normally and the firmware can be read, dell windows 10 startup and recovery usb indicating that there is no problem with the circuit board and the main control. In this case, there dell windows 10 update with recovery usb are usually too many bad FLASH blocks, and ECC verification can't be performed and the hard disk dell windows 8 1 recovery media usb can't be ready.

  In this way, the data can't be read directly because it has not read all the firmware dell xps 400 recovery usb windows 10 and the reconstruction capacity is displayed abnormally and can't be read. Enter the DE module dell xps 9350 rstore using usb recover below, and it will automatically retrieve the SSD firmware and rebuild it to make the capacity normal descargar controlador para apple recovery iboot usb and be able to read the data.

  After successfully entering DE, you can see the normal capacity and desktop hard drive crashed no recovery disk read the data, but because the FLASH has too many bad blocks and can't be verified, it is certain that device to recover data from hard drive all data has a small amount of damage, and the file integrity rate required by friends is more than dfl ddp data recovery equipment usb 3.0 90%.Because of the volatile nature of potential storage, it is still recommended that you do not disable bios recovery 2 from hard drive use SSD to store important data. If you must do this, it is best to back it up.

  Therefore, once the disk doctors hard drive data recovery services data of the solid state drive is lost, it is particularly difficult to retrieve it. After all, this disk drill basic external hard drive recovery set of ps3000 equipment is really not cheap. It is not affordable for ordinary people, but the data disk drill basic mac hard drive recovery is priceless. Therefore, the mechanical hard drive is more reliable for storing data. The price is disk drill recovery external hard drive mac not too outrageous. This tutorial just teaches everyone that SSDs can also be restored, but due to disk repair recover read only hard drive the limitations of the equipment, the versatility is not strong, suitable for friends who like to diy data recovery from an external drive toss.