Disable automatic operation to prevent external hard drive virus[Win11 Solutions]

22 2021-08-19 19:50

  Now external drives have become an important method of spreading viruses. Many people like to use recover itunes library after hard drive crash external drives to copy things. At present, a considerable number of viruses take advantage of this. recover itunes library from external hard drive Once the external drive is inserted into the computer where the virus is running, it will automatically recover jpeg files from formatted hard drive execute an executable file. Files and an autorun.Copy the inf file (usually these two files have recover lost data external hard drive mac been set as hidden) to the external drive. When the poisoned external drive is brought to other recover lost data from a hard drive computers, the virus in the external drive will automatically run and infect other computers.This kind recover lost data from damaged hard drive of transmission method is used in the famous bear description burning incense virus.

  In addition recover lost data from dead hard drive to external hard drives, other hard drives are often infected, and are affected by autorun.inf and recover lost data from external hard disk executable virus files.This setting makes it impossible to solve the virus problem by simply formatting recover lost data from external hard drive the C drive and reinstalling it.This infection method is the same as the external hard drive virus. recover lost data from formatted hard drive It is spread by the automatic playback of windows. We can avoid this infection by turning off the recover lost data from formatting hard drive automatic playback. external hard drive Home

  Enter "gpedit.msc", open the group policy, in the recover lost data from hard drive free user configuration-administrative template-system, you can see the option to turn off auto play, the recover lost data from hard drive software default is not configured, now change it to enabled, select all drives in the turn off auto play, click recover lost data from portable hard drive OK to close the dialog window.Turn off auto play is already enabled. After restarting, inserting recover lost data from your hard drive the external hard drive will not run automatically, thus achieving the effect of preventing the spread recover lost data hard drive after format of the external hard drive virus.In addition, there is a trick, which is to hold down the Shift recover lost data on external drive mac key when inserting the external hard drive, you can also achieve the purpose of prohibiting automatic recover lost data on hard drive mac operation.

  This aspect only protects your computer from external hard drive viruses, and does not recover lost data on usb flash drive guarantee that your external hard drive will not be infected when you plug it into another's recover lost file from external hard drive computer.According to the principle of virus transmission in external drives, we have two ways to protect recover lost files from crashed hard drive our external drives. We always keep the write protection of the external drives. This is very useful recover lost files from external hard disk when copying files from our external drives to other people's computers. I often use write protection. recover lost files from formatted hard drive external hard drive antivirus (it contains some virus killers).If you must write, if someone recover lost files from hard drive free else's computer has been infected, it may be inevitable.We also have a clever way to protect our external recover lost files from usb flash drive hard drive from becoming a communicator, that is, to create a new file (or folder) on our external recover lost files from usb flash drives hard drive, the name is autorun.inf, modify the file attributes to be read-only and hidden at the recover lost files on a usb drive same time, so that at least you can prevent your external hard drive from becoming an accomplice in recover lost files on external hard drive spreading the virus.In fact, this method can't really prevent the virus from being written into the recover lost files on hard drive free external hard drive, but because of the autorun we created.Inf is an empty file, and the virus will recover lost files on usb flash drive not be called, so that the virus can't be spread. external hard drive Home

  In addition, there is a recover lost files on usb memory stick way to modify the registry:

  The specific method is to open the registry, enter regedit in the recover lost files wd external hard drive start-run, and press Enter.

  Hit the key path: recover lost folder from external hard drive [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion",