[Fixed] computers 3TB large external hard drive cannot be recognized[Win11 Solutions]

27 2021-08-19 19:20

  I just bought a Seagate 3TB hard drive. I planned to go to my buddy to copy high-definition movies. does geek squad recover hard drives When I installed it on my computer, it showed two hard drives. My buddy said that I was fooled.

   does internet recovery wipe hard drive That must humiliate you, it's actually like this.The current mainstream motherboard BIOS defines 512 does microcenter do hard drive recovery bytes per sector for the MBR partition, the disk addresses 32-bit addresses, and the maximum disk does recovery drive make usb work capacity that can be accessed is 2.19TB (232*512byte).Windows starts from MBR, so each MBR is limited does system recovery wipe hard drive to 2.19TB.The remaining 746GB is recognized as the second hard drive.

  The 3TB hard drive is dowload windows 10 bootable recovery usb automatically split into two partitions by the system

  Well, the merchant also told me briefly, but also down load microsoft recovery usb drive apologized for not explaining clearly to me.The merchant said that since the era of Vista and Win7, downlad chrome os recover onto usb in order to solve the problem of hard disk limitation, the GPT format has been added. GPT means GUID download hard drive recovery software Partition Tables (GUID Partition Tables), and GUID means Globally Unique Identifier.The full name download a windows 8 recovery usb of GPT is the globally uniquely identified partition table.GPT partition table uses 8 bytes or 64bit download apple recovery dfu usb driver to store the number of sectors, so it can support up to 264 sectors.Also calculated according to the download bootable windows 8.1 recovery usb capacity of 512byte per sector, the maximum capacity of each partition can reach 9.4ZB (i.e. 9.4 download easy recovery essentials bootable usb billion TB).GPT broke through MBR 2.19TB limit.

  Yes, in addition to the limitation of the BIOS, the download external hard drive recovery software operating system also has many drawbacks for the new 3TB hard drive. Look at a table below.

  Data download freeware hard drive recovery iso Disk System Disk

  Windows XP 32bit does not support GPT partition does not support GPT partition

   download hp recovery usb windows 10 Windows XP 64bit supports GPT partition but not GPT partition

  Windows Vista 32bit supports GPT download hp recovery usb windows 8 partition but not GPT partition

  Windows Vista 64bit supports GPT partition GPT partition requires UEFI download imac recovery disk onto usb BIOS

  Windows 7 32bit supports GPT partition but does not support GPT partition

  Windows 7 64bit download imac recovery usb from pc supports GPT partition GPT partition requires UEFI BIOS

  Linux supports GPT partition GPT partition download laptop hard drive data recovery requires UEFI BIOS

  If you want to enjoy a complete 3TB hard drive, then users should use a more download linux ubuntu recovery bootable usb advanced operating system like Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003 SP1, etc.These download mac recovery usb from windows systems can use GPT partition tables to support large-capacity hard drives.Although the use of the GPT download recovery usb for windows 8.1 partition table can greatly increase the capacity of the computer to support the hard disk, for most download recovery windows 8 1 usb ordinary computers at present, after the GPT partition table is used, the hard disk can only be download usb data recovery software free used as a slave disk, and users will not be able to install the system on a 3TB hard disk.

  A motherboard download usb recovery drive windows 10 that supports the latest BIOS

  However, since 2011, many motherboards such as P67, H67, 890GX download usb recovery drive windows rt and other motherboards have all adopted the latest UEFI motherboards, which will pave the way for download win 8 1 recovery usb supporting large-capacity hard drives in the future.

  I bought a 3TB hard drive to use as a system download windows 10 recovery disk usb disk, no need to install the system.

  Then it's easy to handle, just follow me step by step.

  But now download windows 10 recovery drive usb Win7 operating system supports GUID Partition Table (GPT), which can reach a maximum capacity of 9 download windows 10 recovery image usb .4ZB (that is, a capacity of 9.4 billion TB).So we right-click the 3TB disk and select Convert to GPT download windows 10 recovery into usb disk in the dialog box that appears.

  The system supports larger capacity hard disks by converting download windows 10 recovery tool usb disks

  Disk display after conversion

  Through the GPT conversion, the system automatically download windows 10 recovery usb boot recognizes the 3TB hard drive, and the actual capacity is 2794 at this time.39GB.This can store data download windows 10 recovery usb iso normally on the 3TB hard drive.However, if some users plan to use a 3TB hard disk to install the system, download windows 10 recovery usbcovery iso it may be a little troublesome. The following author will introduce a method for friends who do not download windows 10 usb recovery drive have the latest UEFI motherboard and do not have a 64-bit installation system. The system can easily download windows 10microsoft recovery usb drive recognize the 3TB capacity and not Wasting that 746GB of space.

  Future motherboards will also download windows 7 recovery console usb upgrade their BIOS. In order to better support 3TB hard drives, they can be used as system disks download windows 7 recovery disc usb smoothly.